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Swiss clockwork in wealth management technology


Fortress is a private banking interface for desktops, mobiles and tablets. “Modern, independent asset managers need something like this tool to communicate with their clients,” says Tim Orme, Director of the London office. “In the conflicting contexts of pressurized margins and a focus on communication, it is increasingly cumbersome and ineffective to travel several times a year to see your clients. Rather than replace these interactions altogether, Fortress supplements the channels used by contemporary managers whose increasingly tech savvy clients are now more demanding than ever. After more than 18 months of development, we have great confidence in the usability and of course the security of the solution. The test clients have given excellent feedback and are especially fond of the white labelling and bespoke design of the tool and accompanying mobile apps.”

BRT came to life as a spin-off from Swiss asset managers Bedrock in 2007. Drawing on over 60 years of experience in private banking, the company has been profitable from the very beginning.

Today, BRT has a staff of around 50 and serves 35 major clients who oversee more than 45 billion USD in AUM.

“Basically we work with our clients in two different modes, depending on their requirements,” says Mr. Orme. “Firstly, we offer outsourcing services. This means that we take on back and middle office work for our clients. As we cover the whole operational side, our clients need not employ other service partners for this. Secondly, we offer the technology we developed for our own use, on a licensed basis. This allows other clients to keep operational staff and processes in house. Over the years, BRT has established investment management solutions boasting a variety of tools.”

With Fortress, BRT is moving its clients to the forefront of the private banking service spectrum. As the awards continue to come, and the company goes from strength to strength, BRT looks to build on its healthy client base.

“We will continue to develop our technological know-how and hire good people,” says the Director. “Both our BPO service and our technology businesses are flourishing, and the combination of high client satisfaction and our healthy pipeline gives us confidence. As we respond to rapidly increasing demand, we are running out of space at our current locations and were proud to open a second new Swiss office earlier in the year.”

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