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Fast and flexible, modular high-tech buildings


“We are a traditional family-owned company, specializing today in prefabricated modular buildings,” says Sales Director Michael Schäffler. “The industrial prefabrication of building modules is our core competence, and we focus on demanding buildings in the healthcare sector such as clinics and laboratories.”

The focus on high-tech healthcare buildings has made Cadolto the leading specialist for the design and the turnkey realization of technically demanding modular buildings. The impressive corporate reference list features complete hospitals, special units and laboratories in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Russia as well as Italy, the Benelux countries, Poland and France.

The off-site prefabrication of building modules provides a variety of benefits compared to traditional on-site construction. Industrial prefabrication greatly reduces construction times, especially on-site construction, ensures better control of budgets, increases the quality and reduces the environmental impact. Cadolto offers all of these advantages to its customers.

At its modern headquarters in Cadolzburg the company boasts state-of-the-art facilities for the planning and manufacture of building modules complete with technical equipment. “We have the technology and the experienced specialists for planning and realizing turnkey solutions from a single source,” underlines the Sales Director. “We take care of everything from initial planning to final completion, adhering to strict deadlines. We are well known for the high quality of our buildings and extent to which we prefabricate our structures. In fact we are leading the way with 90% prefabrication, which significantly reduces on-site construction times.”

For example, depending on the project, clinics need examination rooms, emergency departments, operating theaters, laboratories, and patient or ward rooms. The industrial prefabrication of the modules lasts up to six months while the on-site installation can be realized in around twelve weeks. Cadolto customers appreciate the fast, economical and high-quality execution of construction projects, as the growing number of regular customers proves. “Customers who experience the benefits of our modular construction become regular buyers of the technology,” says Mr. Schäffler. Today, headed by the fifth generation, Cadolto has a highly experienced staff of 400 and generates a turnover of 100 million EUR with an export ratea of up to 60%.

Well-established in Europe with branches in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Poland, Cadolto is opening up new target groups and promoting modular construction. “The healthcare sector continues to be a growth market for us,” says Mr. Schäffler. “Social homes are another project. We realized the demand for social homes for refugees at an early stage, and our modular buildings are an ideal solution, fully meeting the challenge of a fast and economical solution. Just like all Cadolto buildings, they are made from steel, a material that can easily be recycled. They are flexible and can be extended or made smaller, and they easily lend themselves to different applications. For example, initially made for refugees, the modular building can easily be adapted for use as youth hostels.”

Cadolto places great importance on close personal contact to customers. “Knowing the customer is one of our major assets,” concludes Mr. Schäffler. “We make use of trade shows and congresses to establish personal contact to potential customers. In view of the convincing benefits, there is a growing demand for prefabricated modular buildings, and we are determined to take advantage of this potential.”

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