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Improving patient treatment


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Having undergone a kidney transplant, Mr. Lopez was well aware what the top priority should be for a supplier of medical products, and he turned this conviction into the motto of his newly founded company Cair LGL. It would do everything possible to improve treatment and patient’s everyday life, always with a close eye on the safety and the comfort of the patient at any time and under all circumstances.

Mr. Lopez founded Cair LGL back in 1987 together with his son George Antoine Lopez, who continued with the successful business, helping to turn Cair LGL into a true success story. The company designs, manufactures and distributes single-use medical devices in the area of infusion, nutrition, aspiration and oxygenation.

The portfolio comprises a vast range of products used especially in intensive care units and in paediatric care. The high runner products are manifold: stopcocks, needles, valves, NG tubes, ENfit syringes, among others.

“We listen carefully to what the healthcare market really needs and design and develop the products accordingly,” stresses CEO Patrick Delorme who has been working for Cair LGL since 1993 and is very fond of the international working environment and the high quality of the company’s products.

Since its foundation 33 years ago, Cair LGL has become one of the most renowned names in production and distribution within the medical care market and it has gradually expanded its presence all around the globe, setting up the first subsidiaries in Europe soon after its foundation.

Today, the company operates subsidiaries in Italy, Belgium and Spain, plus a sales office in Singapore, and it also serves the global market place. “Cair LGL is part of a group which incorporates Hartmann in Brazil and IGL which are equally active in the medical market, for instance, IGL-manufacturers and provides advanced solutions and systems to expand the pool of transplantable organs and improve transplant results,” says Mr. Delorme.

The dominance in its designated markets is underlined by the figures: Cair LGL employs a workforce of 600 people, generating a turnover of 40 million EUR. It boasts a global presence in over 60 countries through more than 100 distributors.

We hold the entire production chain in our own hands. Patrick DelormeCEO
Patrick Delorme

The key focus is still on development, production and distribution of its key product lines infusion, chemotherapy, nutrition and suction. The company holds the entire production chain in its own hands. Apart from development and manufacturing by means of extrusion and plastic injection, Cair LGL also carries out marking, sterile packaging and distribution both under its own brand and as an OEM for third parties.

“Among our products, the infusion segment, which means injecting directly into the patient’s veins, is the area which generates the highest turnover. We can fall back on more than 3,000 references of medical devices and we commercialize more than 80 million products per year. We are able to develop new products following customer specification and have integrated a special range of products for babies,” states Mr. Delorme.

The company is active in a highly dynamic market which is subject to 4 to 7% growth per year. “The segment we are dealing with is not limited by any crises but it is affected strongly by ever-changing laws and regulations, which have an impact on cost. On the one hand, French health insurers try to exert pressure on prices while on the other hand foreign companies, from India or Asia for instance, push into the market with cheaper products, which might not always comply with our high standards and are not restricted by strict production qualities at home, which, no doubt, allow them to offer their products cheaper than European manufacturers.”

Despite any adverse conditions, Cair LGL will continue down its well-trodden path and the company will place great emphasis on high quality standard production and a vast range of products to contribute to a better life for all patients.

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