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On a roll


Camu continues as a family business today, though it has grown considerably: the company now employs about 50 people at two locations. The central location in Bressanvido, near Vicenza, is the centre of technological development as well as the headquarters, and a separate unit dedicated to machining is found in Carmignano di Brenta.

The machines and systems sold by Camu are in demand all over the world. About 70% of its turnover is exported material, and Camu even has a separate office in Moscow. Other clients are scattered throughout the world, in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia and North and South Americas.

The company reaches out to new customers through international trade fairs, magazine articles and other media, based on market information. This allows the company to continually be visible to new customers. Though Camu reaches out to new customers regularly, the company’s focus is its existing customers.

The Basso brothers mention that their company’s success can be most attributed to “the ability to listen and correctly interpret the needs of customers.” By listening carefully, the company provides the right solution for the right price, customised for each of its customers.

Services provided by Camu include slitting and cutting sheet metal and sheet metal coils. This is not simple, since the materials range in thickness from 0.2 to 8 mm, and the sheet metal coils come in a range of metals. The Camu machines work with high strength steel, aluminium, copper, magnetic steel, tin, cold and hot worked coil, and galvanised, prepainted stainless steel.

Apart from just the sheets and coils of metal, Camu also sells the machinery for other companies to cut their own sheet metal coils. With the most modern CAD systems and endless optimisation, each customer’s job is different, and all are completed thoroughly and accurately. Each customer’s products are developed separately, but all customers receive the highest quality and accuracy in their products.

This is due to both the attention of the Camu staff and the excellence of Camu’s production machines. With small batches of product, the machines are sufficiently flexible and versatile to handle switching between jobs quickly and effortlessly.

In the future, the company hopes to continue its advancements further, continuing to strive for maximum flexibility and efficiency, while still making its machines simple and easy to use.

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