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Secrets of a successful winery


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“Everyone produces quality wines,” points out Managing Director Walter Webber. “The secret to success is high quality. Our goal is to create the perfect price:performance ratio, even if that is at the risk of producing less wine to sell on to our partners.”Cantina Aldeno produces many different wines in three distinct lines. The basic line, Athesim Flumen, encompasses all the wines from Trentino including 13 wines produced specifically for the horeca sector. The Esclusivi line consists of five different wine types including Altinum, Merlot and San Zeno Reserves, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Nero.

Eleven vegan and organic wines make up the third line. “We are the market leader of our region in organic wines ,” says Mr. Webber proudly. “We were one of the first wineries to get the organic certification in our area, and we hold the Italian ICEA certification allowing us to bottle organic wine. This choice was essential for Cantino Aldeno, as it secures our terroir.” Cantina Aldeno produces around 340,000 bottles of wine a year, and the remainder of its production is sold in bulk either to partners or other wineries. Whatever the category of product, quality is at the forefront of the winery’s focus.

Cantina Aldeno Soc. Coop. Agricola
Our goal is to create the perfect price:performance ratio, even at the risk of producing less wine. Walter WebberManaging Director

“We have to constantly work on maintaining our credibility,” stresses the Managing Director. “It is impossible to produce the same wine every year, but we have to maintain a consistent quality. This is the way that we create strong customer loyalty.” Most of Cantina Aldeno’s wines are sold to the horeca, wholesale and retail sectors in the Trento province. Exports currently generate just 3% of the winery’s annual revenues of seven million EUR, with customers in the US, Germany, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Austria and Switzerland.Cantina Aldeno boasts a long history.

It was founded in 1910 by a group of winemakers, who wanted to enhance the status of their grapes. “The wine market has highs and lows, and the ability of the winery to adapt in times of crisis has been key to the cooperative’s success,” notes Mr. Webber. “Our goal in the coming years is to achieve production of 600,000 bottles, but quality has always been the priority, and will remain so.”

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