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Advancements in advertising


With a bit of luck and a lot of experience, Casiraghi Greco& made its mark in the advertising industry right after its founding. The agency acquired the bank ING Direct’s Italian launch project, and it has been a big player in the Italian industry ever since.

From that point on, foreign companies expanding into the Italian market have turned to Casiraghi Greco& for their advertising needs.

“Our specialty has become introducing companies, both international and start-ups, to the Italian market,” says Managing Director and co-founder Cesare Casiraghi. “This is what we are renowned for amongst our clients and competition.”

Although its specialization has remained the same, its techniques and strategies have changed significantly over time. The agency created classic ads for TV and radio for several years, and these still make up its core business.

However, Casiraghi Greco& has also kept up with innovative developments. It now has a large media center that can be useful for a variety of projects, and it recently acquired a digital company called Dandelio Industrie Creative.

By incorporating a digital department into its agency, Casiraghi Greco& can now offer a complete palette of services to its clients, including cross-selling options (such as combining classic ads with digital features, for example).

The agency is also open to experimenting with new techniques, such as its current project with the real estate company Homepal.

“Homepal has made a transparent house and staged it in the center of Milan. In February, two people lived in this house for ten days and could be observed by anyone walking the streets of the city,” explains Mr. Casiraghi. “Now, the house will be moved to Rome, and the same social event will take place there. This just goes to show how creative advertisements can be and what agencies like ours are capable of.”

During the economic crisis, the agency decided to revamp and start fresh. It expanded its clientele to add some diversity to its portfolio, and this truly paid off. “We were mainly working with insurance companies and banks before the crisis,” explains Mr. Casiraghi. “Now, we have clients in all kinds of industries, such as food, automotive and retail businesses. Having this diversification is very important. If potential clients see that you only work with one or two industries, they think you cannot do anything else.”

Casiraghi Greco& plans on expanding its portfolio even more. It also plans on strengthening its services even more so that it can take on any task from any client.

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