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Cool services


Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Samsung – as CD SUD aims to provide reliable and efficient products of outstanding quality, it strictly concentrates on air conditioning systems of well-known international brands. Qualified plumbers representing the company’s main customer group greatly appreciate a comprehensive product range that has constantly been extended.

CD SUD was founded in 1996 in Marseille; the company has continuously grown in-line with market needs. In its early days, it operated as an exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Electric focusing on the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Here, in the south-eastern part of France, several agencies were established to be close to customers. 16 points of sale now cover the entire Mediterranean coast from Nice to Perpignan and Toulouse. In 2006 CD SUD integrated the Japanese brand Daikin in its portfolio – the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturer; in 2011 Samsung followed.

“Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Samsung are all synonymous with reliable air conditioning systems,” sums up Managing Director Romain Tosolini. “It is a perfect mixture of different products, each one having its individual characteristics. While Daikin represents the lead of the market, Mitsubishi Electric is appreciated for its excellent price-performance ratio and Samsung for reliable mid-priced solutions. Products have different prices and design characteristics; however, they are all quality products providing specific features.”

Due to its positive development CD SUD has 70 employees today and generates annual sales of 53 million EUR. The company is part of a holding and offers competent support to its clients.

“Service is a crucial element of our business philosophy,” says Mr. Tosolini. “We simply want to solve customer problems. Therefore, we installed a technical hotline, we offer aftersales services, logistical services and services related to marketing and communication. Additionally, we put great emphasis on training and education for our employees and for customers. This kind of know-how transfer is an important trademark.”

Strict service orientation also means to support customers in terms of warehousing. CD SUD stocks 90% of products on behalf of its customers to ensure great responsiveness and short delivery times. However, the company faces fierce competition. While CD SUD operates as an exclusive Mitsubishi distributor, it competes with several competitors when it comes to Daikin and Samsung products.

“Nowadays, it is hard to stand out,” stresses Mr. Tosolini. “At the end of the day, not our products but our services are second to none. We support plumbers, we offer trainings on a regular basis and we organize open days. We stock additional products to offer complete solutions. Last but not least, we are one of very few independent companies. The market is dominated by global groups these days; there are only four or five independent wholesalers left in France.”

CD SUD is keen to keep up its independency and to further grow. Its products are installed in the most different buildings, new and old ones. “When it comes to renovation, air conditioning products are highly demanded,” explains Mr. Tosolini. “New houses are more often equipped with modern heat pump systems. Today advanced products that combine heating and cooling functions are increasingly popular as they are appealing alternatives to traditional heating solutions.

Technologies are constantly improving and changing and we are committed to keep pace with this development. Step by step we are going to establish more agencies in France and we even think about exporting to neighbouring countries. Improving services to offer more values to customers will be a  key challenge of the future.”

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