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The race for fiber-optic broadband


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CELESTE has been operating in the high-speed telecommunications sector since 2001. It was founded by Nicolas Aubé to provide business clients with individual consultation and a tailored service. “The telecommunications market had just been deregulated and opened up to the private sector,” recalls Mr. Aubé, President. “It was clear to me from the outset that B2B customers required a specialist service, and this remains true to this day.”

The first telecommunications services provided by CELESTE were based on the then-new ADSL data technology using copper cables. Today, the sector finds itself undergoing a new revolution. “ADSL on copper cables was yesterday, and fiber-optic is today,” says Mr. Aubé. “The race is now on to replace the old copper network with much faster fiber-optic cables.”

With its typical foresight, CELESTE has been active in the fiber-optic sector since 2010, which is when the new technology first arrived. “We committed to fiber-optic right from the start and set about installing our own network in as many French cities as we could,” explains Mr. Aubé. “Today, our network covers 5,000 km of fiber-optic cable in 20 major population centers.”

CELESTE provides its B2B customers with a specialist service that covers connection to the fiber-optic network and its high-speed advantages as well as the reassurance of reliable support in the event of a breakdown. “We guarantee to have our clients’ networks up and running again within four hours of receiving notice of a problem,” says Mr. Aubé. “We can also protect them against cyber attacks.”

CELESTE operates its own datacenter and can offer cloud-based solutions for greater efficiency and security. “Even with super high-speed fiber-optic broadband optimizing data flows, sometimes priorities have to be set,” notes Mr. Aubé. “We can help clients optimize these flows. We also have solutions for mobile telephony. This does not run on our own network but makes use of those of other providers to allow us to function as a virtual mobile telephony provider.”

Nicolas Aube, President of Celeste SAS
The race is now on to replace the old copper network with much faster fiber-optic cables. Nicolas AubéPresident

CELESTE focuses on a B2B client base consisting of small and medium-sized companies with anything from ten employees to over 500. “Our solutions are fully scaleable,” insists Mr. Aubé. “Our clients are drawn from both the private and public sectors.” At present, the company’s focus is entirely on the French market, but this may change in the future.

“The market is undergoing a quantum shift at the moment,” points out Mr. Aubé. “The market share of fiber-optic is growing, and existing contracts are being renegotiated as users make the switch. This presents us with unique opportunities to win new customers. With less than a third of potential customers already signed up to fiber-optic broadband, we expect to see significant growth in the future.”

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