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Mobile advanced technologies drive value


“We have two major business areas,” she explains. “These are Premium SMS, and mobile technologies. In the Premium SMS sector, we are connected to all mobile operators. What we actually do is buy Premium SMS numbers and provide them to our customers for their services. These are companies who use these numbers for their e-commerce activities such as purchases of digital goods or other services in which Premium SMS allows for some additional interaction such as TV votes or contests. We have clients from all over the world and are the undisputed market leader in this field in Poland. Over 60% of all new companies in Poland choose us as their partner.”

In the mobile technologies sector, Mobiltek provides tailored IT solutions, mainly for financial institutions and mobile operators. Here, the company develops software using all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile as well as other technologies required to fulfil the contract requirements.

In addition to the financial sector, Mobiltek also works for clients from other business fields. Yet, the company is well-known for its expertise in the financial sector.

“The financial sector is special,” says Andrzej Budzik, Vice President of the Board. “Here, security, discretion and reliability are very important. We are able to cover all security aspects with our solutions. Therefore, our financial customers are excellent references to enter other industries.”

The company’s subsidiary Dotpay SA, which is located in Krakow, is a payment processing company which offers online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit cards and bank-based payments such as direct debit, bank transfer and real-time bank transfer based on online banking.

“Dotpay is connected to all Polish banks, cards and payment networks,” explains Ms. Ubysz. “It also offers alternative payment methods for e-commerce activities such as ukash or cash payments at physical locations for goods purchased on the Internet.”

At present, Mobiltek has a staff of 40. Another team of 50 works for Dotpay. Besides its head office in Warsaw, the company runs facilities in Krakow. Last year, Mobiltek achieved turnover of around 40 million EUR. For this year, Ms. Ubysz expects another increase.

“In the coming years, we plan to stay true to our core competence. We will definitely stay focused on the mobile technologies sector because here we see the most promising prospects. This area is currently enjoying tremendous growth rates. It is also natural for us to grow our digital payments area, including Premium SMS and other mobile operator based billing methods. We might grow into neighbouring business fields; m-commerce, for example – e-commerce via mobile devices – is an interesting and booming area. We might start activities here with Dotpay,” she adds. “Despite our plans for growth, we would like to stay a solid company. When we took on the business eight years ago, it was in bad shape, and we are proud to be where we are today.”

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