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Doing the heavy lifting for customers


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Cerrato’s cranes are Herculean in size to match the Herculean feats they are required to perform on a daily basis. Custom-built to meet each customer’s individual needs, they are designed to fit the available space and provide the required lifting and transporting capacity.

“Our product portfolio covers a very wide range of different crane types, each of which brings its own set of advantages for a particular lifting and transporting requirement,” explains Managing Director Michele Cerrato. “Although each crane is customized to provide the best possible solution, they can be subdivided into three main categories, each of which can be combined together to make a modular system.”

The main types of crane produced by Cerrato are jib cranes, portal cranes and bridge cranes. The company also manufactures the supporting structures and lifting equipment as well as supplying individual components and carrying out servicing. Jib cranes consist of a single support and arm, and offer the benefits of reduced dimensions, flexibility, low cost, versatility and practicality.

Jib cranes are available in several different options that take into account the physical properties of the installation site. The column jib crane comes with its own support which is anchored to the floor by means of a base plate with chemical plugs or anchor bolts cast in a foundation plinth. The arm rotates up to 270 degrees. Alternitively,Cerrato jib cranes can be installed on an existing support structure such as a wall or column to provide rotation through 270 degrees and maximum outreach between 2m and 7m.

Cerrato can also deliver its jib crane equipped with an articulated arm to overcome obstacles to normal rotation. For even greater flexibility, Cerrato offers jib cranes with 360 degree rotation around a central column for modest to medium loads up to 5t and with an outreach of between 3m and 10m.

Portal or ganty cranes are supported on two sides and are mounted on wheels to enable movement in three dimensions. These cranes allow objects to be transported manually through production halls, with the raised height gantry maximizing the available space.

Bridge cranes are the real heavy-lifters in the product portfolio. These are available in numerous configurations for both indoor and outdoor use. Their applications are particularly wide-ranging and their design is intended for intensive use and high flow rates.

“Specific thought has been given to designing the cranes for ease of service and maintenance as well as their intended purpose so that downimes due to servicing are reduced,” says Mr. Cerrato. “Thanks to our specialized and customized crane systems we enjoy a leading position in the market.”

The experience gained in 55 years of presence in the market enables Cerrato to design and build special cranes for heavy duty services and with automatic operations. This leading position means that demand for Cerrato’s cranes currently outstrips production capacity.

“We are planning to invest in expanding our development and production capacity so that we can take on more orders in the future,” says Mr. Cerrato. “At the same time, we are looking for a cooperation partner in Europe who has compatible commercial and industrial capacity in the crane systems. We are looking at a possible joint venture or closer partnership if our respective strategies complement each other.”

Cerrato has already embarked on one such cooperation with German company STAHL CraneSystems GmbH. In 2012, Cerrato started marketing STAHL products in the Italian market to complement its own product range. The articles being sold under this cooperation include electric chain and wire rope hoists, and crane kits and components for the construction of standard bridge cranes.

Another cooperation is intended to bolster Cerrato’s range of products. Despite an important position in its home market, Cerrato’s influence in export markets is yet to achieve similar heights. Export sales account for just 15% of turnover but, with the planned increase in capacity, this may change in the future.

“We still have expansion opportunities in our domestic market which are our priority at present,” explains Mr. Cerrato. “We are still looking for suitable candidates to strengthen our Italian sales network.”

Cerrato currently employs 55 people and generates annual turnover of ten million EUR. It is headquartered in Beinasco, not far from Turin. As well as being home to its production facilities, its headquarters also offer analysis and non-destructive tests as part of its quality system and as part of a regular schedule of maintenance.

“Our teams also carry out emergency repair and overhaul of our clients’ equipment as well as routine maintenance,” says Mr. Cerrato. “By ensuring a high quality of service, we have been able to win projects for prestigious companies such as Leonardo Finmeccanica, FCA, General Electric, Arcelor, Mittal, Comau, Michelin, Pirelli, Pittini and Ilva. As we look forward to the next 50 years, we expect to continue to do the heavy lifting on their behalf.”