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Friendly energy provider


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CH4 is a privately owned and managed energy provider selling gas and electricity to households and commercial and industrial clients across Italy. Based in Turin in northern Italy, the company was founded by Dr. Apostolo Giorgio and his wife Paola Caterina Razetto in 2010.

“We started with a seed capital of just 2,500 EUR and worked day and night,” says Ms. Razetto, Managing Partner of CH4. “It was not easy at the beginning, but we managed to find reliable gas and electricity suppliers and acquire more and more customers throughout Italy. Today, we have over 10,000 energy clients, including private households and commercial enterprises.”

Since 2015, CH4 has been operating its own commercial distribution network. Besides providing gas and electricity, the company also provides energy efficiency installations (ESCO Company) and runs a 60 kW wind energy station in Puglia, Italy, as well as two 15 kW photovoltaic plants in Ivrea.

CH4 has 13 employees and sales of eight million EUR. In contrast to many other firms in the energy sector, the company does not work together with an external call center to provideg customer support. “We answer every call directly, even on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, and provide a solution within 24 hours,” states Ms. Razetto.

CH4 also sets itself apart through its very familial work climate and the way it values its human resources. “For every job, we have someone who can take over during holidays or in a case of illness,” explains Ms. Razetto. “We encourage our staff to take parental leave, and we tell them that making mistakes is human and that we can correct them together, as a team, and learn from them. We work together with our employees on equal terms. We are a big family, sharing both success and trouble.”

To expand its position in the Italian energy market further, CH4 plans to invest in additional wind power plants and acquire new customers. “The energy sector is very competitive, and the margins are low,” states Ms. Razetto. “So, it is important to find good customers to avoid credit problems.”