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Connect it up


CHAMP Cargosystems is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious service suppliers in the market. Today, more than 130 international airlines rely on its reliable IT solutions.

“Our aim is to offer integrated IT solutions and services that support and strengthen our customers,” sums up CEO Arnaud Lambert. “We focus strictly on the air cargo and logistics market and cooperate with prestigious airlines, forwarders and general sales agents.”

With a market share of 36%, CHAMP Cargosystems is positioned at the vanguard of the international market, benefitting from an excellent reputation. Its portfolio includes cargo management systems, a cargo community integration platform with message distribution services, and e-cargo solutions.

The company’s dynamic development is tightly connected to Cargolux, Europe’s biggest all-cargo airline. “In the past, Cargolux’s IT department developed an IT solution named CHAMP that focused on air cargo services,” explains Mr. Lambert. “It had been extremely popular in the 1980s and contributed significantly to the company’s steady success.

In the 1990s, Cargolux sold the program to other airlines. It was developed further and in 2003, a new generation was introduced. In 2004, the management decided to outsource the IT department. A spin-off named CHAMP Cargosystems was established and started concentrating on selling the software solution to third parties. This was the beginning of a new era.”

Over the following years, CHAMP Cargosystems grew continuously. “Fortunately, we were able to recruit more and more customers in a short time,” says Mr. Lambert. “To continue growing and to minimize investor risk, we joined forces with the Cargo Division of SITA in 2005. SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communication and information technology solutions, and due to this merger, we were able to cover more communication solutions. Along with this, we could target new customer groups.”

Today, SITA holds a share of 51% of CHAMP Cargosystems. The successful acquisition was followed by others. In 2008, CHAMP Cargosystems acquired Softair and its latest IT solution Cargospot.

“Cargospot is a real asset,” underlines Mr. Lambert. “It is a very efficient and widely used cargo management system, providing carriers with complete end-to-end control over sales, operations and management of cargo.”

In 2011, CHAMP Cargosystems acquired Traxon Europe, a specialist provider of electronic communications to the air cargo industry, which again led to a broadening of the customer structure. With Traxon, CHAMP Cargosystems included freight forwarders in its customer portfolio.

“Today, we rely on around 4,000 freight forwarders,” says Mr. Lambert. “As many of them concentrate on both air and sea freight, this opens up new business opportunities. We can see that the sea freight market offers huge future potential, and according to its special market needs, we are considering partnering with sea freight specialists to offer new products and services.”

Today, due to its consistent development, CHAMP Cargosystems is headquartered in Luxembourg and has subsidiaries in the Philippines, London, Frankfurt and Zurich, and representations in Atlanta and Singapore.

“Our biggest office with 200 employees is based in the Philippines,” states Mr. Lambert. “Our employees are all fluent in English and extremely service-oriented, and they are all critical to our success. This is a distinct advantage. Last but not least, we are close to many customers over there.”

Altogether, CHAMP Cargosystems has 450 employees and turns over around 50 million EUR. In terms of future projects, CHAMP Cargosystems will strengthen its focus on the United States, Africa and the forwarding market. Therefore it will not lose sight of its philosophy to offer connected thinking for the air cargo community.

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