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Fast-curing clear coats hit the private label market


CAP’s portfolio is based on three product groups: clear coats, fillers and putties. Founded in 2008, CAP began production in 2009. “From day one we have focused on the private label business,” explains Sales Director John Christian Mahnke. “This was a pivotal decision that has significantly propelled our further development. At the same time, quality has always had top priority. Products must be 100% reliable. For this reason, we are not the cheapest production partner; however, customers appreciate that we do not compromise on quality.”

Today, CAP has a state-of-the-art production site in Poland, 105 employees and annual sales of 20 million EUR. 85% of its products are exported all over the world, majorly to the EU. “CAP is a Polish-German joint venture with clearly defined responsibilities,” notes Mr. Mahnke. “We cooperate with Germany on a financial level but follow our own strategy. The entire production is based in Poland, and all product formulations are our own. CAP in Poland is widely recognized for its knowledge, experience and expertise. Last but not least, we focus a lot on research and development. This is more important than ever to adapt flexibly to market needs and to work as accurately as possible.”

In 2013, laboratory capacity was doubled – an important milestone in the company’s history. The introduction of a brand-new clear coat in 2014 was an equally important step.

“The new coat is fast curing and provides a perfect surface which is almost unmatched by any other product,” Mr. Mahnke stresses. “Further increases in production capacity and relocation in 2016 represented a third crucial milestone for CAP. The new site includes a laboratory that is split into two divisions – raw material and production control, and research and development – which is what customers expect nowadays.”

Thanks to its top-notch facilities, in addition to its core portfolio, CAP started producing related products such as thinners, cleaners and special additives.

Depending on the customer and the market segment where they operate, all products work efficiently in three categories: Premium, Classic and Economy. Premium is synonymous with innovative products, each having particular characteristics.

Classic embraces products for repair shops looking for high-quality products according to the current industry standards, and Economy focuses on markets which are more price driven.

“Today, markets are dominated by quality and price,” states Mr. Mahnke. “For a variety of reasons, customers look for alternatives. Dealing with a private label is very advantageous against this backdrop. We go to customers, look at their products and market positions, and make suggestions. In the end, the clients decide what suits their needs, and we advice on how to present the brand or label. To support customers efficiently, we not only offer complete packaging solutions but also comprehensive training in our new training center. These services are hugely valued.”

Every two years, CAP introduces exceptional new product innovations. Among the latest ones are fast-curing clear coats that can be polished right away and do not need any further adjustment, and styrene-free putties with professional quality. These examples perfectly illustrate that CAP is able to get away from standard products and create innovative solutions of outstanding quality – a fact that radiates optimism.

“We have a fast production process, but we want to be even faster in the future,” emphasizes Mr. Mahnke. “Customers are becoming more and more demanding. As a service provider, we strive to help them to grow – in a very effective and professional way.”

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