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Bouncing back from the brink


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“Unfortunately, we lost a few good staff and we are still feeling the effects to some extent, but there is a really positive dynamic here once again,” says Managing Director Peter Epp.

The company certainly has a long history; in 2002, Christen & Laudon, founded in 1978, acquired Vanck Staffelstein Tank which was established in 1960. Both companies specialized in producing largescale pipes and ducts measuring up to 15 m in diameter.

Today, the firm manufactures a diverse range of products, mainly made from glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP). Product groups include tanks and vessels, scrubbers and columns, chimneys and ducts, and piping systems. “Our tanks are primarily used for dangerous chemicals such as acids,” Mr. Epp points out. “We build ducts and scrubbers which transfer and clean hazardous gases, reducing them to steam. Most of our products are customized to meet individual clients’ requirements.”

Christen & Laudon’s largest customer groups are from the energy and chemical industries, but the firm also serves the petrochemical, water and sewage, and waste incineration sectors, where huge amounts of dangerous substances are processed.

Exports play a large role; the company has a strong customer base in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and in Eastern Europe. “We transport ducts of up to 5 m diameter by road; anything larger is built on site,” Mr. Epp continues.

Quality standards are high. “Preparation is key, and every detail counts,” underlines Mr. Epp. “Our error rate is practically zero.” The future for Christen & Laudon seems assured. “We are now shaping the firm for solid growth on a conservative basis. Our focus is on securing long-term, satisfied customers.”