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Founded in 1897, Christian Berner operates as a technology trading company that serves many different types of industries. The biggest areas of concentration are the processing, construction and engineering sectors. Along with delivering advanced technical equipment, components and materials, the firm offers many supplemental services as well.

“We give consultations, analyses of the customers’ technical requirements, development, installation and other value-added services,” says Stefan Arfvedahl, Business Area Manager. The end goal is to help clients streamline their production processes.

An example of how Christian Berner does this is through the installation of quiet environments. What this means is that the company helps insulate work spaces against vibrations, structure-borne sound, impact sound and other noises. A second service that is provided is giving clients access to clean water. “We supply UV units that help guarantee a safe water supply for millions of people and animals,” explains Mr. Arfvedahl.

Other services include, providing measuring instruments to laboratories, equipment for mixing, drying, sifting and grinding various products, steam, gas and energy technology and much more. The business closely monitors all of its products and services to ensure that everything is of the highest quality. This also means collaborating with suppliers. By doing so, the company stays informed about the newest innovations and can help steer manufacturers in the direction that is most beneficial to its customers. This in turn leads to more cost-effective production.

Other than collaborating with suppliers, Christian Berner is dedicated to having sustainable products coupled with sustainable production. The firm realizes that the planet‘s resources are finite and offers systems and components that make it possible to create new products from renewable raw materials.

In terms of production, the way to stay sustainable is by increasing the efficiency of the process. Examples the company has helped implement include, amongst others, coating the inside of containers with plastic to reduce friction, and developing a fast and smart packaging machine for e-commerce. “Helping to lower energy consumption, waste less and extend the life of production systems are ways we help our clients become more sustainable,” adds Mr. Arfvedahl.

The company with headquarters in Sweden and branches in all Scandinavian countries, also makes sure it adheres to strict national and EU regulations. “The equipment that we select for our customers fulfil all the necessary requirements,” states Mr. Arfvedahl. “We also stay updated about any changes in those regulations so our clients can always have peace of mind when working with us.”

This adherence to the rules, along with delivering complete solutions rather than just single units make companies eager to work with the firm. Therefore, this means a lot of growth potential for Christian Berner. “We will continue inspiring confidence amongst our clientele,” sums up Mr. Arfvedahl.

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