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Advertising at the point of sale


Cidi Groupe has become a preferred partner for renowned customers in France when it comes to textile advertising spaces. Since its foundation at the beginning of the 21st century, the company has continuously developed its service portfolio.

Today, the specialist for advertising at the point of sale is able to offer complete store concepts and designs. “With our different services we are able to cover the entire process chain,” says General Manager Henri Dias. “Our 360 degree offer comprises the consulting, printing, finishing and installation as well as the complete shop fitting.”

The company’s reference list includes renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Seat, Nike, Renault, Honda or Total. They all rely on Cidi’s expertise and flexibility when it comes to individual advertising solutions at the point of sale. The French business is an expert in the area of high quality, large-format textile advertising displays.

However, it provides a broad range of different advertising solutions for the point of sale. “We have many years of experience in this industry and know which of our solutions work best for our customers,” states Mr. Dias. “We have worked for many different branches of industry such as the food industry, the cosmetics sector, luxury goods, petrol stations, the automotive industry, the sports sector or restaurant chains. Our clients can be small enterprises or big international chains, and we are able to find the right solution for each of them.”

In 2010, Cidi Services started producing its own advertising banners. The firm decided to invest in a sublimation printer, using a relatively new but particularly suitable technology for high-quality and durable prints on textiles.

In the last years, Cidi has become an expert in this printing technology and constantly invested in the modernization and extension of its machine park. Being able to manufacture everything in-house, the company can react quickly and flexibly to customer requests. Cidi Services was founded in 2003 by Henri Dias and his school friend Jean Philippe Civalero to provide displays for the point of sale.

Over the course of the years, the business expanded and subsidiaries were founded; all of which operate under the umbrella of the holding. While Cidi Groupe has locations in France, Belgium and Portugal, specializing in large-format textile advertising spaces, an event company offers the conception and installation of point of sale advertisements for different events.

“Our latest business area is our agency Space Circus,” adds the General Manager. “This agency takes over the development of complete store concepts and designs, from furniture and interior decoration to point of sale advertising.”

While online advertising becomes increasingly important, advertising at the point of sale can influence consumers directly and requires no maintenance or a constant input of information. “Our products will keep their raison d’être and play an important role in the marketing strategy of our customers,” points out Mr. Dias. “Our aim is to increase customer loyalty and expand our market position in France, offering 360-degree services. In addition, we want to establish our export business. We have experience with internationally active customers. This is a good basis for the future success of our company.”

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