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“It requires technological standards to implement machinery that makes seed treatment processes more reliable and stop fluctuation in seed and grain quality,” points out Managing Director Ing. Franz Harold. Mr. Harold knows the requirements on seed and grain processing, handling and storage. “We are determined to keep the lead in this field.”

At the moment it seems that nothing can really stop Cimbria or Cimbria Heid from keeping their leading position when it comes to seed and grain processing technology.

While in 2000, Cimbria Heid realized a turnover of ten to twelve million EUR per year, this figure has rocketed up to 50 million EUR today. “We have quintupled our turnover in this period. Growth has been our close companion. There are different explanations for this upsurge,” points out Managing Director Mag. Johann Donabauer. “First of all, there are more financial resources available for agricultural industrialization. Simultaneously, the old farming world, which used to be dominated by small farms, has been replaced by agricultural structures with large farming units. In addition, new plants have been set up within the past 15 years.”

Cimbria Heid’s success and continuous growth can equally be explained by internal factors, as the company has acquired a new production plant in the Czech Republic and it also bought a company specialized in coffee, based in Hamburg, which produced machines for green coffee processing.

As a result of political changes since the 1990s, new countries have emerged as potential new markets for grain processing technology.

“Countries like Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have become interesting new markets for our plants and machinery. Turkey has also experienced a strong turnaround lately, shifting from small farming to agro-industrial production,” points out Mr. Harold.

“The market has changed completely in the past decade, and, today, it requires more than just efficient machine handling to become a successful player,” adds Mr. Donabauer. “It is equally important to gain deep insight into modern crop processing and production. We have spent more than 60 years on research and development.”

“Industrial processing of grain products is still our core competence. We are the largest supplier of this machinery,” adds Mr. Harold. The focus is definitely on seed cleaning, sorting and treatment, but Cimbria Heid also supplies plants and projects for processing green coffee and other granular products.

The company supplies individual machines as well as complete projects. “In Austria, we delivered a big maize seed processing plant with packaging unit with a total value of eleven million EUR last year, and in the same year, we supplied a large plant to the seed processing company Monsanto. Currently, seed refinement is growing in order to improve the quality and quantity of seed,” states Mr. Donabauer. “The top players require sophisticated technology and large and reliable plants to safeguard increasing seed production and processing. And we have got the right technology and equipment at hand,” concludes Mr. Harold.

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