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Highly sophisticated components for Europe’s cars


CIMOS can draw on more than 40 years in the automotive business. The company’s history started with close cooperation with Citroën, for which it manufactured components and even assembled complete automobiles.

1972 marked an important milestone in the company’s history, as a restructuring process resulted in a new company that was to focus on manufacturing and exporting automotive components, car assemblies and sub-assemblies.

“Car manufacturing stopped and gave way to three new divisions: turbo, powertrain and kinematics,” points out CEO Gerd Rosendahl, who can look back on many years in car manufacturing before joining forces with CIMOS.

Mr. Rosendahl is a familiar face in car manufacturing, but decades ago he was a highly successful handball player, playing for the prestigious first division club VFL Gummersbach. He even won the world championship with the German national team.

After having finished his sports career, Mr. Rosendahl studied engineering and started working in the automotive business in 1983. “After having different top management responsibilities in Europe, working more than two years as a Managing Director in the USA, it was quite a challenge to take on a position with CIMOS, but during 2015 and 2016 here, we were able to implement a successful restructuring that became necessary after the crisis of the years before,” says Mr. Rosendahl. “We had to adjust the number of employees, reduce plants and  overall costs, but we have managed the process successfully and have gained momentum ever since.”

Today, CIMOS employs 4,000 staff at its Slovenian production plants and additional production sites in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. “We have to deal with different mentalities. In addition to our production sites in Eastern Europe, we operate sales companies in Germany and France. R&D is mainly located at our Koper headquarters in Slovenia,” says Mr. Rosendahl.

Turbo is CIMOS’s largest business unit, accounting for 50% of the turnover, which amounted to 265 million EUR in 2016. “In car engines of most leading manufactures, you will find our turbo-related parts,” adds Mr. Rosendahl. CIMOS supplies turbo-compressor housings, back plates, turbine housings, central housings and nozzles.

Its powertrain unit generates another 30% of turnover. “Our innovations aim to cut down CO2 emissions. We realize this ambitious goal by bringing solutions to the market that excel in lower-weight materials, lower friction between components and materials with improved thermal characteristics,” explains Mr. Rosendahl.

The third division within the group focuses on kinematics, contributing to increased safety levels for both passenger and pedestrian. “We supply brake systems, handbrake levers and hinges that all help to provide a higher safety level in road traffic,” points out Mr. Rosendahl.

Every year, CIMOS produces 40 million different components with an excellent quality rate. “Even if our production is located in different countries, we guarantee the highest quality standards,” stresses Mr. Rosendahl. “Low labor costs are an additional advantage. We provide all the necessary technology solutions to produce highly sophisticated products, which gives us a competitive edge over competitors who only offer one aspect of our complex products.”

CIMOS has worked hard to offer solutions in close cooperation with the customer. “Together with our customers, we develop ideas which we translate into products. The customer appreciates our proactive approach,” says Mr. Rosendahl.

In the coming years, CIMOS aims to strengthen its forefront market position in Europe and beyond. It will become part of Palladio Automotive in Italy, which will result in future expansion. CIMOS will establish itself as one of the leading names especially in the turbo and powertrain business.

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