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Quick, secure and smart – that’s us


Both physical and virtual environments are facing increasing risks of snooping, and the latest NSA scandal and the Snowden affair have brought to the limelight the urgency to implement reliable network security systems as well as effective firewalls to prevent access from undesirable persons.

When Clavister, a network security vendor specialized in network security solutions, was first founded in 1997, the threat was not as all-eminent as it is today. Nevertheless, the company knew about the advantages and threats of the World Wide Web.

“Our first customer was our local municipality for which we set up a secure Internet connection,” says Mr. Georgii. “We are still very successful in working with municipalities, and about 35% of all Swedish municipalities are our customers. Over the years, our product portfolio has experienced profound changes.”

Clavister serves about 20,000 customers worldwide, mostly small to medium-sized businesses. It is one of the pioneers in web security, despite market dominance by the key players from the USA.

“Our firewall solutions, both hardware and virtual products, are easily implemented and highly reliable,” stresses Mr. Georgii. Clavister differentiates itself from other network security providers through its own highly efficient code, developed in-house. Unlike others, it is not bought and enhanced.

“Therefore, we have a rather small footprint in comparison to others. Ours does not need many megabytes, and it is extremely fast. Usually a firewall slows the system down, which frustrates the user. We have the benefit of being small, quick, secure and smart,” stresses Mr. Georgii. “While many American hardware and firewall vendors always leave a back door open, we as a Swedish provider do not have to meet these requirements.”

This might be one of the reasons why many customers turn to the back-door-free solutions designed by Clavister. “We invite any customer to examine our source code – nothing can be breached,” adds Mr. Georgii. Clavister is well aware of the dangers web security might face in the future. Its listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange is further proof that it is eager to increase its credibility.

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