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Sustainable roller shutter solutions “Made in France”


Coferming focuses on the development and manufacture of wooden roller shutter systems for windows and sliding doors. “We are not involved in the installation of the products but focus exclusively on tailor-made developments and production,” explains Anne-Sophie Audureau, Head of Communications and Marketing.

Coferming offers a wide range of different models. The latest highlight from the company is an electrical roller shutter which is solely powered by solar energy. “This new product is sustainable in two ways,” says Ms. Audureau. “We expect that this new system will give our business a new impulse. The material guarantees high performance and is unique in terms of energy efficiency. Also, it has excellent acoustics. We only use wood which has been processed in a sustainable way and comes from certified stocks. This makes us unique in France. You do not need any fossil energy to operate the roller shutter. This model sets a new standard in the market. In fact, sustainability and environmental protection are much more to us than just marketing slogans. We believe in the practicability of the green economy and feel a responsibility to contribute to a healthy future. Last but not least, our products offer great comfort.”

Today, Coferming is a household name among architects and building companies. As the company accomplishes new building projects as well as restorations and renovations it also cooperates closely with installation companies.

Coferming was founded by the company’s current Managing Director in 2002. He used to work in the roller shutter industry. Recognizing the thermal and acoustic advantages of wood, he saw potential for the material in the roller shutter market. His strategy is paying off. Today, Coferming has a staff of 38 and is enjoying continuous growth. Soon, the production facilities will be expanded by another 700 m².

Although Coferming is a comparatively young company it is already well established in France. Due to the challenging economic situation several projects have been postponed or need more time to be realized. Yet, the company’s order books are full until March 2016.

“We will continue to develop new products and technologies,” says Ms. Audureau. “Our innovative strength has always been one of our greatest assets and made us what we are today. Often, we are one step ahead of our competitors. Energy-efficiency is a key issue today and our new solar-operated solution meets the spirits of the times. Currently, we are working on air inlets which will be hidden in a special case. Of course, our business is not only about functionality and sustainability. Design is another important aspect. Therefore, we are continuously improving our designs. We are optimistic that we will be able to establish international customer relationships in the long run, too. Our solid market position in France is an excellent starting point for international expansion. We will begin in our neighbouring markets.”

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