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The capsule creators


For more than 50 years, Coliège Metalco has been producing wine capsules for highly demanding winemakers. “Our products are very technical and industrial compared to natural wine corks,” explains Managing Director Christian Cantaux. “We work with materials such as tin, aluminum, Polylam and PVC. As the glass industry is very innovative, there are more than 400 sizes on the market. Besides that, we have many different colours and patterns that highlight the individuality of a wine. Given this, our customers prefer individually designed capsules to underline the unique character of their products. Our task is to support and to advise them, starting with the creation and ending with the final bottling.”

Coliège owns three production plants, two in France, one in Chile. “We are part of the family-owned Lafitte group,” says Mr. Cantaux. “For more than 100 years, Lafitte group has been involved in the wine market, starting with wine corks produced in Portugal and Chile. Coliège represents the group’s capsules segment.”

With a workforce of 200 employees, Coliège generates turnover of 27 million EUR, including 10% sold through its Californian subsidiary.

While 95% of the turnover comes from capsules, labels and sleeves contribute the remaining 5%. “The wine market is dominated by a mostly conservative culture, evolution but no revolution,” adds Mr. Cantaux. “When we talk about innovation, this is always related to material, graphic design or patterns.”

Coliège’s products are always tailor-made. “Customers appreciate their high quality,” states Mr. Cantaux. “We can support them even internationally.”

Due to this quality and customer-oriented approach, Coliège is considered to be a competent, serious and loyal market player by more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

“Given the fact that the amount of wine worldwide is, by nature, limited, we do not want to be part of a stiff price competition and prefer to develop long-term win-win partnerships,” explains Mr.Cantaux. “Our business philosophy is to put as much enthusiasm into making caps as our customers do into making their wines.”

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