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Target-oriented and personalized calls


At its five locations in Turin-Collegno, Turin-South, Sassari in Sardinia, Tirana in Albania and Tunis in Tunisia, the company has a total of 650 workstations at its disposal, employing a stuff of around 100 people and generating a total annual turnover of about ten million EUR.

“We are able to offer high volumes and are very flexible thanks to our different locations,” states Director Dr. Luca Scarabosio. “Our employees speak three languages and are very competent and experienced in the area of outbound sales.”

Colligo was founded in 2005 by Luca Scarabosio, Roberto Roella and Corrado Ragusa. In the course of the years, the company has grown continuously thanks to its comprehensive solutions, specializing in teleselling for the telecommunication industry, insurance companies, the food sector and other industries. Recently, Colligo has been certified according to PCI DSS for handling payment cards’ data security.

The company also has a lot of knowledge in the area of call center technologies, only using the latest solutions.

“At the moment we are developing an intelligent outbound,” illustrates Dr. Scarabosio. “When a person is looking online for a product without buying it, we will be informed about that and call him. A personal conversation is often more successful. Moreover, we are working on a program, which is able to interact with Apps on smartphones. All our new solutions are developed together with competence centers. Target-oriented and personalized calls are our aim for the future, and will help us to expand internationally.”

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