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Customer communication for the digital age


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A renowned leader in outsourced critical communication and integrated business services, Communisis drives client value through the provision of digitally enabled solutions for marketing and customer communications.

“We have built our organization to deliver through a unique combination of market and consumer insight and customer communications strategy, technology and transformational expertise,” explains Claudio Colacchi, Sales Director for Communisis Italia, who has sales responsibility for the whole of Southern Europe.

Communisis’s expertise was given a boost in 2018, when it was acquired by the US marketing group OSG Group Holdings Inc, which has been a leading provider of outsourced omnichannel billing and payment solutions, as well as integrated customer communications and engagement solutions for over 25 years.

“Both companies are specialists in end-to-end, omnichannel critical customer communications and engagement solutions, designed to guide clients and their customers across a dynamic and ever-transforming communication landscape,” continues Mr. Colacchi. “Through the combination of the two companies, we have been able to broaden and intensify our geographical coverage in many parts of the world.”

On a consultancy basis, Communisis supports its clients through the development of strategies, marketing materials and customer communication using direct and cutting-edge digital and social channels. “Together with our clients, we take a 360° marketing approach, beginning with the product, production, market environment and consumer demands,” explains the Sales Director. “We think end-to-end from design and market analysis to the development of campaign strategies and plans, and the creation of artwork and materials.”

Over the years, Communisis has developed competence and professionalism in the production, handling and implementation of high-quality point-of-purchase materials. This has led to the firm securing many important brands for its client base, which includes prestigious names such as Bacardi, Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Samsung, Mediaset, Coty, Sony, and Grohe.

With its global headquarters in New York, Communisis’s European activities are managed from London, with additional branches in Milan, Rome, Paris, Warsaw, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Istanbul, Newcastle and Leeds. Communisis turns over 600 million EUR in Europe each year, with revenues of 18 million EUR generated in Italy.

Claudio Colacchi, Sales Director at Communisis Italia
We deliver through a unique combination of market and consumer insight, and customer communications strategy, technology and transformational expertise. Claudio ColacchiSales Director

The Italian branch focuses on domestic clients but, as part of a global network, is able to support Italian companies which have an international presence or concerns looking to launch brands and products onto the Italian market. “Our success is based on long-term partnership, where we accompany our clients from the beginning of a project to the launch, and continue with after-sales and supporting activities in the stores,” Mr. Colacchi points out. “We have strong relationships with leading brands and an established delivery network in the UK and Europe, which extends OSG’s reach into these territories. Ultimately, we will be in an unrivalled position in terms of delivering international customer communication solutions.”

Mr. Colacchi is personally highly motivated by his work at Communisis Italia. “I have extensive experience, which includes a successful start-up company in the USA,” he says. “This helped me to develop a real entrepreneurial spirit, which I am now applying at Communisis. Over recent years, we have been able to double our turnover, and we are aiming for double digit growth in the coming years too. Our clients have come to rely on our specialized competence, service excellence and reliability, which has developed through our extensive knowledge and experience.”

As one of the top players in the marketing, communication and brand consultancy business, Communisis is set to continue enhancing its clients’ experience and ultimate success.