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Property profession at its peak


COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is Geneva’s oldest property management company with roots dating back to 1825. Today, it manages more than 30,000 properties and generates over 400 million CHF in rental income. It has assets of nine billion CHF under management and two billion currently in development with properties mainly located in the Lake Geneva region.

With its headquarters in Geneva and subsidiaries in Nyon, Lausanne, Montreux, Sion and Sierre, COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER concentrates on property projects in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Cornerstones of its portfolio are the property management for private lets, social housing and apartment blocks, shopping center management, project management and commercial property.

“We work in different real estate related business areas,” explains Chairman Paul Epiney. “Services such as sales and valuations, consultancy, development and repair services play a crucial role.“ 186 employees and 250 in total for the group fully identify with COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER’s philosophy that puts customer satisfaction above all.

“We bank on extraordinary motivated staff which is a great asset”, stresses Mr. Epiney. “As we want to offer high-end services meeting the most challenging customer requirements this is more important than ever. Our customers appreciate that they can rely on COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER as a serious, committed partner who puts a lot of effort on ethical values.”

Due to its competence and experience COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER plans and is currently realizing different new building projects in Geneva and Sion.

“In close cooperation with the community we are planning entire new suburbs which aim to respond to the needs of the population and increase social well-being,” states Quentin Epiney, Member of the Management. “Communaux d’Ambilly is the biggest project of this kind in Geneva and in a first stage will create 670 apartments by 2018, then 1,900 in the following years. The project in Sion not only includes apartments but also offices, shops, a hotel and maybe a concert hall. Our aim is to work out concepts that meet the individual needs of the city and contribute to its positive development. We are responsible for piloting the entire project from planning to marketing. These projects and others represent a value of two billion CHF currently being developed and twelve employees are dedicated to them. These projects are quite ambitious and a lot of effort is put into ecological and social elements; even psycho-sociologists are involved in the planning process.”

Among COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER’s customers are investment companies, industrial and multinational companies, public institutions and private investors.

“As our portfolio includes objects of all different sizes and volumes we also work with many different customers”, says Paul Epiney. “Although we are part of different international networks such as ‘Who is who in luxury real estate’, ‘The leading real estate companies of the world’ and ‘The International Real Estate Network (TIRN)’ we not only focus on high-end luxury apartments but offer public housing as well. At the end of the day, regardless which project we are talking about, it is important to be committed to local values, to listen to the customers and to keep up the balance between reason and passion.”

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