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Understanding the Mainframe’s true business value


Chris O’Malley, CEO of Compuware, joined the company in 2014. He was drawn to and brought into the company because he understands the importance and, more importantly, the possibilities of mainframe computing. He also sees a lot of opportunities for innovation on the platform. “Compuware has always been a leader in the area of development of tools, testing and performance,” says Mr. O’Malley. “That is really the key area where innovations need to occur to keep pace with the changes of the digital economy.”

Why is Mr. O’Malley a champion of the mainframe platform? Simple: because the mainframe platform is dependable. Unlike the distributed platforms, mainframe is rarely down within a company. “People do not fully appreciate that one almost never hears of a mainframe going down,” the CEO explains. “Mainframes have not failed for six or seven years, whereas distributed platforms have been known to fail with a much higher frequency.”

Along with its dependability, the mainframe is also known for its security and cost effectiveness. During one of his many studies, Dr. Howard Rubin found that the cost of running and maintaining a mainframe was 60% cheaper than a distributed environment. “Security breaches are very commonplace in open systems,” adds Mr. O’Malley. “Whatever you look at – reliability, performance, scalability, efficiency, security – the mainframe delivers better results than distributed infrastructure.”

Being dependable, secure and cost-effective are all fantastic advantages, but only if a company has professionals with the skills necessary to manage the mainframe and its applications. Luckily, Compuware has solutions available that help companies bridge the IT skills gap to derive optimum business value from the mainframe. One such tool, Topaz, allows users to quickly master mainframe programs and data, even if they have never worked with them before. Topaz provides a visually attractive representation of mainframe programs, enterprise data and Java batch programs. “With Topaz, Compuware is making mainframe programs much more understandable to programmers,” says Mr. O’Malley. “This empowers programmers to quickly modify mainframe applications in ways that directly help the business.”

Compuware is completely focused on mainframe innovation. This focus sets it apart from other businesses in the industry. “We don’t have conflicting loyalties,” says Mr. O’Malley. “We are 100% committed to empowering customers to take full advantage of the power, economy, scalability, and reliability of the mainframe platform.”

What helps make Compuware so exciting is that it is a 40-year-old company that is still trying to push the boundaries and expand the capabilities of mainframe platforms. “I love that we are an older company innovating at the pace of a younger one,” adds Mr. O’Malley. “We are clearly proving that enterprises can take advantage of the mainframe’s unique attributes to compete more successfully in the digital economy.”

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