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Setting new standards to lead


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Mr. Sueres’s prior experience in professional paint is what informs his priorities as Director of Business at COMUS. He explains the products are piloted by professional painters, as well as in one of three R&D labs.

“COMUS’s target market demands products that are high quality and environmentally friendly, so that’s what the firm is producing,” he says.

COMUS’s paint products can purify the air, and some of them contain silver ions which make the walls of operating rooms antibacterial. Getting technical with paint has created new entry points into the market, as the Director explains.

“We are seen as specialists in developing new paint products. Firstly, we can develop our position as a market leader. Secondly, distribution partners now subcontract their product development to us. This gives us a valuable new entry point into the market.”

Commercial success is tied to COMUS’s green image. The director highlights that its position as an environmentally friendly paint option is a new offering that is attractive to many professional painters.

“It’s something their clients often ask for,” Mr. Sueres remarks. “It’s a second recent entry point for our product domestically. To disrupt the market, creating new market standards is key.”

COMUS is finding new ways into its crowded domestic market. It has ambitions to make these leaps globally in the years to come, but it is the transformative work that has been done in its domestic market that is a real mark of the company’s success.