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Italian leather goes green


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Sustainable consumption has become a major concern these days. Consumers are looking for transparency about how their clothing is made. For this reason, more and more fashion labels and designers are adopting environmentally-friendly business approaches by using natural materials and less polluting production methods.

Conceria Leather World perfectly represents this new generation of Italian leather tanneries. “The awareness of consumers has significantly changed from the past and the leather industry has not the best image these days,” says Gerardo Scafuro. “Our aim is to make a positive difference. We produce high quality leather goods with a low negative impact on the environment. At the same time, we take care of the health and safety of employees and clients.”

Conceria Leather World was founded in 1987 as Carsten’s Suede & Leather. From the beginning, the company has concentrated on the production of high quality leather for clothing, footwear and accessories. Important American fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Wilson and Calvin Klein were among its loyal customers.

Today, Conceria Leather World has 50 employees plus additional seasonal workers at two sites in Sant’Agata d’Irpina and near Vicenza, and generates annual sales of ten million EUR. The most refined leather goods are produced in a completely ecological way without using any chemical substances. 90% of products are exported.

Gerardo Scafuro
After a deep crisis, today, we are ready to make a positive diff erence. Our aim is to produce high-quality leather products with no negative impact on the environment. Gerardo ScafuroSales Director

“We are still in contact with our traditional customers such as Calvin Klein, DKNY and Ralph Lauren,” stresses Mr. Scafuro. “Besides them, we have many promising cooperation projects starting up again in New York and elsewhere that give us confidence in the future. Currently, we are prototyping exciting fashion and shoe collections for an important German label. Our new ecological concept of treating and processing raw material is greatly appreciated by many of our international customers.”

Conceria Leather World’s fundamental market know-how, its commitment and passion for leather will help to further boost sales. “I am a passionate chemist,” points out Mr. Scafuro. “In 1986, we created this company where we combined the know-how of processing leather and a good network with international fashion brands. The experience of the past will be the source of confidence to shape the future.”