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A more than stable business


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Pectin, carrageen, emulsifiers, guar gums, modified starches, celluloses, vegetable fibers, soy proteins, gelatine, alginates and others – Condio produces a broad variety of stabilizers that are exported to over 100 countries around the world.

The company focuses on the four product categories dairy, fine food, meat, and vegetarian and vegan products, and follows a strict quality approach. “We believe that nature provides the best ingredients for our stabilizers,” explains Managing Director Henrik Ingenpass. “This is one of our most important principles. For this reason, we use only natural raw materials and are passionate about constantly developing innovative new solutions that enhance our customers’ performance.”

Condio has long become a successful international player and has grown considerably in a short time. The family business was established in 1998 in Bad Schwartau – back then no more than a small office, as Henrik Ingenpass, the son of the founders, states. “In 2000, the company moved to Werder. Again, our beginnings in Werder were humble as we basically started in a container office.”

However, this was the starting point for an impressive development. In 2002, Condio set up its first international subsidiary – in South Africa; in 2006, a second one was opened in Spain. To keep up with the international expansion, Condio built a new plant in Werder in 2018 to centralize all processes – a far-sighted decision.

Today, the company has 165 employees and annual sales of 50 million EUR – and is keen to keep growing. “Our biggest challenge is our exceptional growth,” says Mr. Ingenpass. “Over the last few years, the company has changed significantly.

Since 2018, we have grown by 70 employees. It is crucial to adapt all processes and structures to this dynamic and to communicate our philosophy. We are still a family business with a certain spirit, and we are keen to keep up this specific spirit and maintain our independence as this is one of our strongest assets.”

Henrik Ingenpass, Managing Director of Condio GmbH
Despite our exceptional growth, we are still a family business and are keen to maintain our independence. Henrik IngenpassManaging Director

Since the early days, Condio has focused on stabilizers for food products. Quality and transparency have always had top priority, but still, a lot has happened. “Consumer awareness has changed fundamentally in recent years,” points out Mr. Ingenpass. “There are constantly new food trends. People are trying to eat healthier, want to know exactly what they eat and where food products come from. In general, consumers go for healthy yet tasty food with reduced sugar and fat. At the same time, natural ingredients have become increasingly important. Our products reflect those trends. Therefore, innovation is crucial; we constantly develop new products that undergo strict tests. There are different product tastings every day within Condio. At the same time, we place strong emphasis on traceability and are extremely innovative when it comes to raw material sourcing.”

The company also attaches great value to food safety and quality. Condio is certified according to the globally recognized food safety certification scheme FSSC 22000 and can provide BIO, VLOG (GMO-free), Halal and Kosher certification according to customer needs. “When it comes to food safety and quality, we prefer a proactive approach. An example is our extensive food fraud risk assessment, where possible risks (taking global information into account) are investigated and necessary control measures are put in place to prevent them in our products.”

Thanks to committed research and development and highly motivated employees, Condio’s product portfolio stands out from the market. Its stabilizers are essential for dairy products such as yoghurt, cream, soft cheese, spreads and desserts such as puddings, mousses and custards – they make up the biggest share of products.

Mayonnaise, sauces and fillings, and meat products like sausages, spreads and paté are other important application fields. All the stabilizers are produced in Werder with state-of-the-art, highly automated machinery. “We invested heavely in modern technology to improve processes,” adds Mr. Ingenpass. “It was a huge step, and the investments have paid off already. Today, we can keep up with market needs and our growth.”

For Condio, not everything is about innovative products and advanced production. The company sees itself as a solution provider and supports customers with comprehensive services and profound know-how. “We are flexible and have great responsiveness,” points out Mr. Ingenpass. “We develop tailor-made products for every customer, and we make sure that everything works out perfectly on-site. We aim for satisfied customers and always try to improve our services.”

Customers in more than 100 countries around the globe from Vietnam to North America rely on Condio’s products and services. In the future, the company will enter even more markets – with new products. “We are always curious and thrilled to leave our comfort zone,” emphasizes Mr. Ingenpass.