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Keeping a well-travelled legacy alive


Condor was established in 1958 by Stefano Patacconi. The business started out as a tour operator, servicing clients mainly from the UK and Scandinavia. In the 60s, the tourism firm started managing hotels along the Riviera. Shortly after this, the company branched out further and started orchestrating tours for Italians abroad.

In the 70s, the business was one of the first to bring Italians on active tours throughout China. The desire to experiment and travel to different places in different ways continued into the 80s.

“In 1983, Condor sponsored its first charter flight to Mallorca,” says Leonardo Patacconi, Owner and Director. “Today, charter flights make up 95% of the business.” In 2001, Mr. Patacconi’s father tragically passed away and his older brother and mother took over the running of the company until he was ready to step into the head position in 2014.

Even though the market fluctuates from year-to-year and there is increased competition from online travel sites, Condor remains steadfast for a multitude of reasons.

“What really helped the company stay afloat is the unparalleled dedication and experience of our fantastic employees and partners,” explains Mr. Patacconi. In addition to the great work and collaboration that occurs between employees and partners, the business continues to attract clientele because of its high standards and quality to price ratio.

The customer gets more than they paid for since the company is always striving to exceed its clients’ expectations. Furthermore, one cannot forget to mention Condor’s impressive list of destinations, which draws every type of customer to it since it offers a holiday that will delight, restore and invigorate every person and personality.

Popular destinations outside of Europe include locations such as, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba. This year, the business also added two new destinations to its roster that are already proving to be popular, the United States and Oman.

The firm also operates out of strategically placed airports like Rome, Milan or Verona in order to provide as much choice and flexibility as possible to its 300+ passengers a week. To reach new clientele and let existing clientele know about any deals that are ongoing, Condor gives a catalogue detailing its services to travel agencies in Italy, attends exhibitions, is active on social media and maintains a website.

“We also have ten employees scattered throughout the country that help promote Condor’s services and answer any questions travel agencies or individuals may have in half the regions in Italy,” adds Mr. Patacconi.

Future plans include, offering more flights and tours closer to home, with special attention being paid to Spain and continuing Stefano Patacconi’s legacy. “The memory of my father keeps me and the rest of the company going,” says Mr. Patacconi.

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