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A story of success


Conrad Elektronik Norden was founded in 2005. “Our main task is related to marketing and customer service for markets in Sweden and Denmark,” explains Daniel Infanger, CEO of Conrad Elektronik Norden and in this position since 2013. “The actual sales in these countries are solely generated through our web shop. All background activities, for instance logistics services, are undertaken in Germany or Austria. Therefore, we concentrate on promotional strategies.” Within a short period of time, the CEO managed to increase efficiency in this business area and achieved an essential growth since December 2013.

In the same year, Conrad Elektronik Norden began to offer its products in the Danish market. At the present time, the Swedish company employs a team of 18 people at its headquarters in Malmö. “Sweden and Denmark are excellent markets for online sales and open to modern payment methods,” states the CEO. “Still, in our segment there are only very few competitors that have a similar broad range of products. Currently, approximately 180,000 items are available in our web shop.

Apart from countryspecific computer keyboards, the portfolio is consistent with that of our international parent company.” This broad range is especially popular amongst male end consumers between 30 and 60 years of age. “Despite our B2C focus, we also have a growing number of orporate clients from the construction and public sector,” says Mr. Infanger. “For this reason, we plan to organize a separate B2B distribution with online ordering for registered corporate customers in the medium term.”

In general, Conrad Elektronik Norden concentrates on online marketing to attract new private and business clients. “Since 2010, we have refrained from offering printed catalogues,” explains the CEO. “Over the years, they have proven ineffective in Scandinavian markets. Instead, we focus on TV spots and social media networks.”

With its new CEO and a restructured business concept, the company is optimistic about its entrepreneurial future. “We have become successful again because we continuously concentrate on our strengths, namely a highly diversified portfolio of electronics products, a renunciation of aggressive price promotions and efficient means of marketing ,” states Mr. Infanger. “Concerning the latter, we now make use of search engine optimization processes to double our return-on-investment (ROI). In the medium term, we will also strive to enter new markets, for example inNorway and Finland.”

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