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High quality interiors for healthcare institutions and retail stores


Belgium-based Convents Products nv is an interiors construction company, providing customized finishing and furnishing for healthcare institutions, large offices and retail stores. Previously the primary interior decorator of banks in Belgium, the company now focuses on institutions such as hospitals and care homes; there is also a growing focus in the Netherlands on ‘care hotels,’ where patients are able to recuperate in four-star surroundings. Convents Products is especially well-regarded for its specialization in customized carpentry.

Convents Products provides a complete interior decorating service for institutions both in Belgium and abroad. Export markets include the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and countries around Slovakia. The Netherlands is an attractive market due to the language and the company’s existing sales office, though it is still in economic recovery.

Founded in 1950, Convents Products is a member of Convents Group. The parent company owns 13 companies, four others of which are also involved in interior decoration. Convents Products has over 100 employees in Belgium, including the headquarters and factory in Koersel and the showroom in Beringen.

“At present healthcare is our most important market. Hospitals receive more funding than care homes at the moment.” Tony Quintens Owner and General Manager

There are also 70 employees in the Slovakia factory and sales office, and further employees in the sales office in Rotterdam. The company has an annual turnover of 27 to 28 million EUR. Convents Products has recently renovated its main factory, investing in faster and more efficient machines that incorporate sustainability measures such as careful waste sorting, heat recovery and ecological dust collection.

In the coming years, the company aims to continue with its focus on healthcare, with owner and General Manager Tony Quintens saying, “At present healthcare is our most important market. Hospitals receive more funding than care homes at the moment.”

Marketing measures include newsletters, sales representatives, contact with architects and designers, trade fairs and showroom events, including seminars on healthcare topics such as the effect of environment on well-being and recovery. Despite a difficult market, Mr. Quintens remains optimistic, stating,“We are known for superior quality, and we focus on innovation, on having the right people in the right places.”

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