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High-class fertility treatment


Copenhagen Fertility Center was founded in 2004 by two business partners who had previously been active in the public sector. “When we established the center, a public research laboratory was transformed into a private establishment in order to provide a broad range of services in terms of fertility treatment,” explains Prof. Dr. Svend Lindenberg, managing director of Copenhagen Fertility Center. “Today, we are the largest independent center in Scandinavia, providing over 1,800 IVF (in vitro fertilization) and 2,000 insemination cycles every year.”

At the present time, Copenhagen Fertility Center employs a team of 25 people and generated a turnover of 30 million DKK last year. “Everything is driven by our research and treatment unit,” states the managing director. “Although we offer all forms of fertility treatment for men and women, we set a focus on the development of mild female stimulation with simple technologies to handle sperm and embryos. These procedures result in an excellent price-performance ratio for our clients and make us the most reasonably priced center throughout Scandinavia.” Besides couples who are unable to conceive, Copenhagen Fertility Center is also serving an increasing number of single women or lesbian partners.

“Currently about 7% of all babies in Denmark are born due to technologies used in fertility centers,” says Prof. Dr. Lindenberg. “Nowadays, women are older before they try to conceive and are therefore less fertile.” At approximately 30%, a large number of foreign patients make use of the center’s easily accessible location in Copenhagen. “Due to their accredited services and great expertise, all Scandinavian fertility centers enjoy a great reputation in the European market,” explains the managing director.

“For this reason, we also have many patients from Sweden, Germany, Italy and France.” In the future, the Danish company strives to enhance its activities in international scientific networks. “Our clinic in Copenhagen will host the IVF world conference,” states Prof. Dr. Lindenberg. “It is one of our declared goals to promote our ISO 9001 certified and transparent services in the broad public. We are fond of research and love to create life.”

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