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The right local campaign for retailers


CoSpirit is the partner of choice for the local retail trade. The company knows how best to develop and implement marketing tools to boost sales figures.

“Local communication for retailing is all about getting the local consumer into the local store. This can be done with leaflets, billboards, trade marketing and newspaper advertising. However, it requires profound expertise and capabilities in order to customize the best solutions for each individual retailer,” stresses CEO Florian Grill. “Large billboards, leaflets, trade marketing and local radio ads are equally excellent options to get the message across but have to be balanced and used with pinpoint accuracy.”

CoSpirit’s staff aims to provide customers with the right solutions for finding what is optimum and monitoring the vast media offering. The company’s solutions help customers to filter the best media and to structure their sales messages optimally.

“In addition to the strategy and tactics, we offer the solutions to control and monitor the actions taken. For example, the choice of the right post box in the right neighbourhood is vital in terms of geo-marketing, but the control of the quality of distribution is also a key element,” adds Mr. Grill, who founded the company in 1994.

Today, the company is located in Paris and in Lyon, employing a workforce of 102 people. In addition, it cooperates with 500 freelancers who work for the agency at peak times.

“It is above all our local expertise that attracts a growing clientele in retailing,” says International Development Director Laurent Etienne. “It is our objective to realize continued growth, not least through an expansion in the European market.”

Apart from a clear focus on local marketing, which still generates about 60% of the agency’s turnover, advertising is another field in which CoSpirit has been active on an international scale.

“We are part of an international network of independent media agencies,” says Mr. Etienne. “Investment in start-ups is another CoSpirit speciality. A good example in this context is Roamler, which has developed applications to help users take photos of filled supermarket shelves, providing feedback for the brand.”

Within the coming years, CoSpirit will work hard on the acquisition of new projects within its home country of France, as well as abroad. Currently, the company generates turnover of 13.2 million EUR, which is a significant increase in comparison to figures from 2012 when turnover amounted to only 6.5 million EUR.

“However, we aim to reach 25 million EUR by 2018,” says Mr. Grill. “Looking at our present situation, I daresay, we will deliver.”

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