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Building a family legacy


Laurent Olmedo, currently Deputy Director at Crea Haus Constructions, is the second generation to take over the management of the family business and is determined to continually expand the company’s capacity to take on more bespoke projects. “When building single-family residences, we take into account our customers’ vision for the property – even niche projects like wooden, ecological and passive housing,” elaborates Mr. Olmedo.

The building process begins with the acquisition of land and the corresponding building permits. Then together with its trusted suppliers, Crea Haus Constructions translates its clients’ concepts into brick-and-mortar homes.

“Although we mostly focus on conventional architectural styles, there has been an emerging trend toward wooden buildings,” adds Mr. Olmedo. “We have customers for whom the ecological aspect is important, which is why our company is also a certified passive house institution.”

Passive housing is architecturally designed to optimize energy efficiency, requiring minimal energy for heating or cooling – an attractive prospect for long-term shared value. In order to be officially considered a passive house, the structure must meet a series of stringent criteria.

Crea Haus Constructions has a proven track record and expertise regarding such eco-friendly designs throughout Luxembourg. “We have all the necessary know-how to take the design and build of our clients’ residences in whatever direction they see fit,” explains Mr. Olmedo. “Our company primarily deals with new buildings, although we also buy and renovate existing structures to meet our specifications.”

Crea Haus Constructions focuses on the Luxembourg housing market, which is currently expanding with high-quality residences being especially in demand. “Because of the regional housing shortage, prices have been creeping upwards,” says Mr. Olmedo. “The 10,000 EUR per square meter benchmark has already been exceeded.”

Although it would seem that a housing shortage would be advantageous for a company like Crea Haus Constructions, there is fierce competition when it comes to the acquisition of plots of land for building. “Across Luxembourg, developers are running into difficulties finding new land,” adds Mr. Olmedo. “Selling it, on the other hand, is simple – we just launched two new projects in August and have already sold all the units.”

Throughout the design and building process, Crea Haus Constructions maintains open lines of communication with its clients. “Our customers have a contact person throughout the entire construction project who organizes regular meetings to discuss their expectations,” explains Mr. Olmedo, “during which our employees and clients have an opportunity to exchange design ideas.”

Facilitating the active participation of the buyers is appreciated as evidenced by the fact that most of Crea Haus Constructions’ new business comes from word of mouth. The housing industry as a whole has been undergoing a radical transformation as a result of the integration of digital technology into the design and maintenance of new-build homes.

Mr. Olmedo has witnessed this development first-hand and is optimistic regarding the future of sustainable dwellings: “Today we see more and more environmentally conscious home-buyers who are savvy with the latest networking technologies available to manage electricity consumption remotely via smartphone, either by closing sun screens or regulating the heating throughout the day. We have been proactive in introducing state-of-the- art technology systems into our buildings for years now.”

Crea Haus Constructions welcomes input from its future homeowners concerning all aspects related to the long-term suitability of its buildings, from security alarms and energy consumption to acoustics. “Our passion is sharing our family legacy by helping our clients create their own,” concludes Mr. Olmedo.

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