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The perfect finish for roofs


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Clay roof tiles protect against moisture and frost, are vapour-permeable and fire-resistant, UV resistant and extremely durable. In addition, they can be manufactured with a wide range of visual effects using slips or glazes to create matt or shiny surface finishes. It is these qualities that make clay tiles the go-to solution for most roofing needs.CREATON has been making roof tiles since 1884.

“The Hungarian subsidiary was built on a green field site in 2004 and has operated at its current capacity since 2008,” says Country Manager Judit Járomi. “We employ 230 people here in Hungary and generate annual sales of 13.5 billion HUF.”

Creaton is owned by Etex Group, a Belgian multinational with 14,500 employees worldwide. “We have the backing of a major player in the building industry,” notes Mrs. Járomi. “We are part of the residential roofing division and are the leading supplier of roof tiles in Central Europe.”

This market leadership can be ascribed to the quality of both CREATON’s product range and customer service. “We are the roofing experts and work very closely together with customers to find effective solutions that meet performance and aesthetic requirements,” adds Mrs. Járomi. “Clay offers us virtually unlimited possibilities to create unique roofs.”

Clay has been used as a building material for thousands of years. What CREATON does is bring this traditional material up to date with modern ranges alongside its more traditional products.

Judit Járomi
We are the roofing experts and work very closely together with customers to find effective solutions that meet performance and aesthetic requirements. Judit JáromiCountry Manager

The traditional shape of roof tiles stems from the need to ensure that rainwater runs off the roof while its overlapping and interlocking installation prevents water ingress. The weight of the tile is enough to maintain its position under normal circumstances. CREATON offers a huge variety of different tile designs ranging from traditional, wave forms to sleekly modern flat designs in colours ranging from terracotta to black.

“We also make a retro range for conservation work on historic buildings and can even custom manufacture special designs,” says Mrs. Járomi. Besides clay tiles, CREATON also specializes in concrete roof tiles and accessories.

“Concrete offers similar performance benefits to clay but are economical to install,” outlines Mrs. Járomi. CREATON offer three lines of concrete tiles: Universal, Planar and Duratop Pro. Each line offers an increasingly fine and smooth surface. Like its clay tiles, CREATON concrete tiles are available in a range of surface finishes from matt to glossy.

“Our modern-looking flat tiles have a special glaze finish that reduces moss build-up to keep the roof looking good for longer,” adds Mrs. Járomi. “What is more, we offer a 50-year guarantee on all of our clay tiles.”

Despite being active in a very traditional sector, CREATON must constantly adapt to new conditions. “There are a lot of changes currently affecting the building industry,” says Mrs. Járomi. “The introduction of new norms and regulations means we have to work closely with our customers to ensure that our products conform with these new standards. We also work on developing products and systems that are even easier to install. All of this and more make us the perfect partner.”