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The look of food storage


Today, the second generation of the Babetto family runs the production of refrigerated display counters, Self Cabinets Refrigerated or Hot Ventilated, salad bars and all shapes and sizes of food display. The company’s key focus has always been on the manufacture of customized products that fit the needs of any customer.

“For more than 50 years, we have been working hard to implement customized solutions. It has always been our endeavour to create exclusive products that meet the exact specifications of any retailer or shop owner who is in some way or another related to food that has to be cooled or chilled,” points out Marketing Manager Barbara Caron. “We highly value individual solutions. There is never a one-fits-all approach.”

The product range focuses on refrigerated display counters, self-service hot or refrigerated cabinets, and cold rooms. “We create total display solutions using refrigerated display counters, positive temperature vertical and semi-vertical counters, along with new modern display concepts responding to the demand of modern retail, Self Cabinets Refrigerated and/or Hot Ventilated, salad bars, and all shapes and sizes of food display merchandising for fresh, unpackaged and packaged products,” points out Ms. Caron. “So we do not supply a standard product, but in close cooperation with the customer we design and implement a concept that fits the site. This means that there are hardly any identical solutions even though we rely on our standard range that is customized for every customer.”

Criocabin studies the requirements of the customer and subsequently comes up with an individual concept which takes into account all technical and architectural prerequisites.

“Our customer can be the local butcher as well as a bistro or a delicatessen store, the latter often asking for contemporary and international concepts,” points out Ms. Caron. “We also supply food retailing chains, but our core business really focuses on tailor-made concept stores and individual customer support, which goes down to the smallest details, no matter if we are dealing with a small or large customer.”

In Padua, for instance, Criocabin furnished the new interior of a fruit merchant. “He sells local fruits and prepares them according to customers’ specifications. So if a customer wants, for instance, one kilo of carrots, he can choose from various preparation methods, including steaming or à la julienne. We planned this concept store, and it soon became an absolute success. The store is called Da Emilio,” continues Ms. Caron.

Despite all products being entirely ‘made in Italy’, Criocabin has built up an international customer base, selling its products on five continents to all kinds of customer groups, which are in one way or another related to the food market.

“All markets are different, and we have to adjust to the peculiarities of each individual market. The US or Australian markets are totally different from the markets in Europe. Therefore a retailer like Foodland from Australia requires a different approach to the Padua fruit store,” stresses Ms. Caron.

Criocabin is in close contact with its customers, constantly analysing trends and current developments in the food sector. “Changing eating habits require new and innovative cooling solutions. Despite living in a world that is increasingly dominated by globalization, our customers want individual concepts,” says Ms. Caron.

In recent years, design and individualization have become decisive factors for product development, but sustainability and environmental aspects have emerged as equally pressing issues. “All our products are made in Italy and we adhere to the Montreal Protocol. Since 2018 all products have been powered with green gas R290, as we really aim to incorporate sustainability into our products and production processes,” adds Ms. Caron. “We are operating two test rooms in order to test optimum energy consumption. The reduction of emissions is one of our top goals.”

Over the past few years, Criocabin has invested heavily in improving its production, and reinvests about 12% of its turnover into new technology. “We aim for the best production and working environments. Human capital is significant for us,” says Ms. Caron. “It is essential to create a pleasant workplace. Happy staff members and an excellent work climate result in an atmosphere in which our staff can flourish. We are very much focused on our human capital.”

This approach, in combination with a high eco ethic and top-notch solutions that cater for all customers, has made Criocabin a well-respected name in the market.

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