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About a clog called Crocs


Crocs is a global leader in casual footwear for men, women and children. Headquartered in Niwot, Colorado, USA, the company offers more than 300 different styles for every lifestyle and season. All Crocs shoes are made from Croslite™, a patented, innovative granulate material that makes each pair of shoes exceptionally lightweight, comfortable, non-marking and foot-sure.

The successful footwear brand was established in 2002 and is available in over 90 countries across the globe today. Crocs Germany GmbH was founded in 2007. “Today Germany is one of our core markets in Europe,” says Michael Doerner, Director of Wholesale Germany.

Worldwide, Crocs employs more than 6,000 people. In addition to supplying footwear retailers and online shops, the company operates several stores on its own, including major stores at highly frequented locations.

“In Germany, there are flagship stores in the Centro shopping mall in Oberhausen, in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart,” explains Marketing Manager Ariane Ittner.

Crocs was developed by three enthusiastic sailors seeking for a lightweight, easy-care shoe which would not leave any marks on deck. The first shoe was inspired by the classic clog and became an immediate success. The brand shot to fame and passed the 1 billion EUR threshold, which is very rare for a footwear brand.

“Today, Crocs is used as a generic term for clogs in many countries,” states Mr. Doerner. Crocs produces over 55 million pairs of shoes a year. Initially, the company was very much focused on its core product: Crocs clogs which are mainly used in summer.

After going public in 2006, Crocs started developing into a full-range casual footwear brand. “Crocs has become a 4-season-collection,” explains Mr. Doerner. The development of Crocs into a full-fledged shoe brand is supported by a greater focus of thinking in product categories and core footwear concepts and constant innovation.

Among the latest product novelties are women’s Crocs Isabella sandals for the 2017 summer season and a new, colourful range of rain boots. Crocs shoes are targeted at a wide range of customer groups, including middle-aged women, younger men and children.

“Our main target group is comprised of family oriented women putting great emphasis on quality, comfort, durability and value for money,” states Mr. Doerner. “We are a family brand with a strong female touch.”

While expanding its footwear collection to cover shoes for every season Crocs is continuing to develop its core product. “The classic Crocs clog forms the basis for our sustained success,” says Mr. Doerner. “It meets a wide variety of consumer needs, such as lightweight, comfort, fun and colourfulness, and all of this at outstanding value for money and for young and old. Most consumers associate our products with a positive attitude to life. Although the Crocs clog was originally developed to meet the American lifestyle, it is highly appreciated by people around the world.”

“Crocs have a very favourable image and can be worn at every occasion, at work or in your spare time,” adds Ms. Ittner. Crocs is a rather young footwear brand which has developed at exceptional speed, even in markets with high saturation levels in the shoe industry.

Nevertheless, the prospects for continued growth are very good. “Crocs is a very exciting brand with great potential, in the footwear sector and maybe also beyond,” says Mr. Doerner. Crocs aims to further enhance its presence in all major markets.

“I am very confident that in three to five years’ time the brand will be part of the core range of every shoe dealer in Germany and Central Europe,” states Mr. Doerner. “The goal is to establish Crocs as a casual footwear brand that can be worn all year round and that will be omnipresent on the streets.”

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