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CROSS Zlín is a leading European supplier of road traffic technology based in the city of Zlín in theeastern part of the Czech Republic. The joint-stock company has branch offices in Prague and Velké Meziříčí and was founded in 1994, by three people starting from scratch in a small garage. With 20 years of experience, CROSS Zlín offers a wide range of components, systems and turnkey solutions for road infrastructures as well as comprehensive development, engineering, installation and maintenance services.

The company covers six basic fields of activity: traffic control and data fusion, road weather and winter maintenance, weigh-in-motion, parking systems, traffic detection and payment systems.

“We are the leading independent manufacturer and supplier of traffic light controllers in the EU,” says Tomás Pospisek, head of sales. In addition to fully adaptive traffic light controllers, CROSS Zlín offers urban traffic control center software. The Czech company has developed the world’s first highspeed weight-in-motion enforcement certified system and produces barrier parking systems and automatic parking ticket machines, automatic traffic counters and classifiers, Bluetooth travel time solutions, self-service payment terminals for municipal offices and automatic payment terminals for ticketing solutions and universal use.

CROSS Zlín employs a total of 90 skilled people, including 25 experienced development engineers, and turns over ten million EUR. In addition to two local branch offices, the company has international subsidiary firms in Zagreb, Croatia, Moscow, Russia, and São Paulo, Brazil. “We started developing the international market about ten years ago to make a difference in foreign road traffic technology markets, too,” states Mr. Pospisek.

The international success of CROSS Zlín is underlined by the fact that the Czech company was the first non-German supplier that was able to certify its traffic light controller for the German market. CROSS Zlín has also exhibited at Amsterdam’s Intertraffic since 2004, the leading international trade fair for infrastructure, ITS traffic management, safety and parking. Besides focusing on exceptionally reliable products and systems that contribute to traffic swiftness and safety, CROSS Zlín is a constant innovator always working on new solutions.

“Traffic control is a never-ending development,” explains Mr. Pospisek. “Traffic is developing and changing all the time, so road traffic technology has to be continuously adapted, too.” In product development and applied research, the Czech road traffic technology expert cooperates closely with leading universities and other enterprises in the field and participate in EU funded infrastructure projects. CROSS Zlín shipsapproximately 30-40% if its technology abroad, with the main export markets being the Czech Republic’s neighbouring countries, Russia and Romania. Currently, the company is also involved in a major road traffic technology project in Saudi Arabia.

“Altogether, we export to 33 countries across the globe, from Europe to Africa, Australia and Japan,” says Mr. Pospisek. The strong innovativeness and international orientation of CROSS Zlín are complemented by the company’s outstanding flexibility in meeting individual customer needs. “As a rather small company, we can serve our clients in a more individual manner than many larger suppliers,” states Mr. Pospisek. “We work hard every day to provide our customers with top-quality, made to- measure solutions and share ourknow-how with them.”

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