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Unerring picking and feeding


cts – the three letters stand for ‘competence for technical solutions’ – is a provider of engineering and assembly services specialized in process and manufacturing automation and energy technology. The company offers everything from one source, from single switchboard cabinets to complete, fully integrated plant automation solutions.

cts was founded by Hans Gehringer in 2006. Today, it is owned and managed by Hans Gehringer, Robert Schüller and Dr. Walter Roith. cts has 323 employees and turns over approximately 20 million EUR.

Headquartered in Burgkirchen in Bavaria, the company has nine subsidiaries in Saxony, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. cts is operating in a highly competitive growth market.

“There is constantly increasing demand for advanced automation solutions, especially in the logistics and intralogistics sectors, and here in particular in the area of robotics,” Managing Partner Dr. Roith describes the favourite market environment.

cts has customers in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, automotive and beverage industries. cts is split into three business units: Robotics, Software & Engineering and Cabinet Manufacturing & Installation.

The Robotics division delivers high-tech robots for a wide range of industrial applications. The robotics solutions come with their own, modular control framework, cts inmatro®, which provides the perfect tool for sustained process and production optimization.

An innovative novelty in the cts robotics portfolio is 3D CPS Bin-Picking which has been developed in cooperation with partners and been available since the middle of 2015.

“3D CPS Bin-Picking is a fully automated, laser optical system that unerringly picks mixed-up workpieces from a container and feeds them into the production process,” explains Dr. Roith. “It combines the latest robotics technology with advanced 3D image processing systems.”

The second cts business unit, Software & Engineering, provides made-to-measure services for everything from upgrades and overhauls to all-in-one automation solutions. And the company’s own cabinet manufacturing division offers switchboard and control systems that perfectly complement all cts automation solutions.

cts differs from many of its competitors thanks to its unrivalled customer focus and all-inclusive approach to meeting individual customer demands.

“We talk to the customer, analyze the specific requirements and develop a customized solution,” states Dr. Roith. “Then we present our ideas which also include economic efficiency calculations and financing concepts.”

cts is also at the head of the ongoing digitalization of industrial manufacturing, also known under the term of Industry 4.0. “We are a systems integrator,” says Dr. Roith. “As such we excel at bringing together different systems and technologies and linking them to form an intelligent, self-monitoring network. Our systems integration approach enables us to design completely new manufacturing concepts.”

In addition to the countries where it has its own subsidiary locations, cts has customers in Canada, China, Norway, Russia and South Africa. “Our Russian business has been put on hold due to the embargo,” states Dr. Roith.

cts company wants to further expand its international activities to support the company’s sustained, healthy growth. The engineering services provider also plans to establish a new business segment: industrial gas turbines.

At the same time, cts continues to develop advanced process automation solutions with a particular focus on systems integration where data from different sources have to be brought together. Last but not least, the innovative engineering firm aims to expand its research efforts.

“We want to further develop our cooperation with research institutes, especially in the area of robotics,” concludes Dr. Roith.

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