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Riding the wave of the German property boom


CV-Projektentwicklung has come a long way in a relatively short time. Founded in 2011 by Christian Vogrincic, it has ridden the wave of Munich’s property boom and currently has projects worth a total of 300 million EUR under development. This year, the company will branch out into facility management with the establishment of a subsidiary, CV-Facility GmbH. The intention with the new company is not just to manage its own projects but also those of third parties.

“We want customers to be able to access the full spectrum of property-related services from us,” says company founder and Managing Director Christian Vogrincic. This move reflects a desire to expand the scope of its activities to cover more and more of the property value chain in a market with vast potential.

“In a very short time, we have become recognized as a serious and professional partner in the property market here in southern Germany,” explains Mr. Vogrincic. “Now is the time for us to expand the radius of our activities throughout the country.”

Geographic expansion is not the primary goal but rather a side effect of its lofty ambitions. “Our overarching goal is to be the most profitable and efficient property developer in the German-speaking market,” says Mr. Vogrincic. “The professionalism of our team is the key to achieving this ambitious goal and is the starting point for all of our projects.”

This is very much a people-driven business in which contacts are the key to success. Rather than resorting to head hunters, Mr. Vogrincic has built his team through personal contacts and recommendations. At present that team numbers just six people but this is set to increase if CV-Projektentwicklung is to achieve its target of breaking into the top five property development companies within the next five years.

A look at the projects that are currently underway is proof enough of the company’s potential. The Ten Elements residential project in Munich is close to completion. The six-storey building has been entirely renovated to accommodate ten luxury apartments ranging in size between 66 m² and 127 m² and all featuring airy balconies or loggias.

A subterranean parking garage provides space for twelve cars. A modern townhouse has been built in the garden behind the main building. This redevelopment project is finished to the highest standards and will certainly appeal to those looking to make their home in the vibrant city.

An upcoming project is the Stellwerk Boardinghouse in Munich which CV-Projektentwicklung is developing together with MAGNA Immobilien AG. A 17,000 m² plot has been successfully acquired in a popular district of Munich where an ambitious plan will see a modern boarding house with around 1,000 units built in response to strong demand for temporary living accommodation. “We successfully bid on this project in competition with a number of other companies and are very excited to be working on this project, which is valued at around 200 million EUR,” says Mr. Vogrincic.

Successful property development requires vision and the ability to see potential where there is just an empty plot. Today, it is easier than ever to share that vision with investors.

“The advantage of the digital age is that we can use computer simulations and virtual reality to give investors a virtual tour of what we have in mind and show them exactly how their apartment will look when it is complete,” says Mr. Vogrincic. With upcoming projects in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt all in the pipeline, it does not take much vision to see that CV-Projektentwicklung is well on its way to realizing its ambitions.

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