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The art of development


“Da Vinci was an engineer as well as an artist. Our motto is ‘The Art of Engineering’, and, in addition, I am Italian. It all fits together perfectly.” When Massimiliano Cava talks about his company, he infects everyone with his enthusiasm. This same passion is also what drives him personally, and is what led him to leave a position with a car manufacturer to create his own company.

“I saw the potential in the engineering services sector, but the appreciation for people was missing,” he says. “I built this firm in a way that means the employees are always at the forefront.”

With his first office located in his own house, the company quickly started to grow. Demand for Da Vinci’s product portfolio is high. “We work exclusively in the area of development,” Mr. Cava continues. “That includes electrics and electronics, such as the development of steering systems, as well as connectivity, for example car telephones. We also offer services in relation to e-cars, and we are working on projects related to driverless cars and infotainment systems.”

This service diversity, in combination with the enthusiasm of the founder, has resulted in a turnover of around 30 million EUR in 2017, a figure which looks set to grow. However, the firm’s most important capital is its employees.

“I want to support the people who make the firm successful. No other company is like ours,” underlines Mr. Cava. It is well known that staff who feel valued and happy at work create innovative products, which results in satisfied customers.

“Our most important asset is the people who work in our development department, focusing on future themes and trends,” adds Mr. Cava. “We define ourselves through our people, our services, and our customers.”

Appreciation, both of employees and customers, is Da Vinci’s secret to success. Panasonic, Daimler, Porsche, Magneti Marelli, LG and Maserati number among the firm’s clients. “We have export-related projects with Maserati and the Fiat Group in Italy,” notes the Managing Director. “We ourselves are also extremely international; we have employees from 60 different countries.”

The company currently employs 370 staff in Germany, Italy and Romania. In the coming years, Mr. Cava is aiming to increase this number to enable Da Vinci to deal with growing customer demand.

“In 2020, we want to break the 500 employees mark; that’s really our focus,” he says. “In addition, we are aiming to be listed among the top 25 engineering service providers in Germany, and we want to achieve a turnover of 40 million EUR.”

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