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Magical baking moments


“You don’t make a Danerolles for yourself, you make it for your family, your friends or your partner,” says Piet Decuypere, who took over as CEO of Danerolles in 2012. “This is the emotional benefit of the brand. Spending time with each other and creating lovely little moments. It is such a small can, and you can make consumers so happy with it. The idea of baking your own croissants on a Sunday is very appealing – the oven, the smell, the atmosphere – but the reality is that baking a croissant is not that easy.”

And that is where Danerolles comes in: The can opens with a characteristic pop. The fresh dough simply needs to be rolled out, shaped and the croissants put in the oven, et voilà!

The company and brand was born in 1974, and Danone sold the company in 2011. Danerolles today operates mainly in Benelux, and exports account for just under 50% of its turnover, with Scandinavian countries being of special interest. The company believes even more today in its range of fresh dough in a can and also offers more than just croissants, according to Mr. Decuypere:

“There is a current trend of spending more quality time with each other at weekends with the focus being around food – not just in Europe but also as far afield as Asia. This is a very important trend for us. In Western Europe, there are more and more baking programs on TV. Baking at home is a growing trend and is reinforced by sharing recipes on social media. Consumers are looking for inspiration, and food bloggers and vloggers are currently very popular.”

Another important aspect is the convenience factor, which Danerolles caters to. Mr. Decuypere continues: “Recipes should be relatively simple to prepare, and this is why we like to give simple tips for great dishes. With a croissant dough, it is easy to make a delicious cinnamon roll. And the best thing is you don’t need a machine to use our products, such as when baking your own bread. You just open our cans, and the dough is ready – from then on it is up to the creativity of the consumer.”

Back to the subject of bread, Danerolles offers cans with white bun dough and other pastry dough, and will be presenting a new product in the bread range next year. Although what exactly is still a mystery, so you are going to have to just let that thought feed your curiosity for now!

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