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Sustainable leather made in Italy


DANI manufactures leather products for the automotive industry, for the fashion and furniture industry, for the home and household market, for marine, air and railway transport and for high-tech applications.

“We were one of the first companies in northeastern Italy to be ISO-certified,” says Managing Director and son of the company founder, Giancarlo Dani. “The certification spans the whole value-added chain from the first design to production through to the final sale. We also hold all relevant environmental certifications, such as the Carbon Footprint, the EPD (environmental product declaration), or the German Blue Angel certificate for upholstery, to mention but a few. In 2012, we decided to change our logo and include the tag ‘sustainable leather’. We strongly believe in sustainability, and it is our mission to contribute to a healthier future.”

This year, DANI launched its first ‘zero impact leather’. To achieve total CO2 compensation, the company is involved in a program of reforestation in partnership with Azzero CO2, an accredited energy service company.

“We presented our zero impact leather at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan,” says Mr. Dani. “The launch was a great success.”

DANI is also taking part in an EU-subsidized research project together with four other companies in the region. “The Venetian region and especially the area of the Vicenza province is the biggest European hub in leather production,” says the Managing Director. “Almost 60% of all cowhide is produced here. It is our goal to reduce the amount of chemicals used and to make the production processes more environmentally friendly.”

Within the next two years, the company aims to position itself among the top ten leading companies in the leather sector, and within the next five years, it hopes to be among the top five.

“Our most important goal is to become the leader in environmental and sustainability research,” says Mr. Dani. “In a way, the crisis had a positive impact on us. It motivated us to think about ways to improve our business. We believe that we are a talented company, and talented companies will always be successful.”

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