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From wine to water and beyond


“What differentiates our cross-flow filtration machines from others is our ceramic membrane,” says Alberto Della Toffola, Sales Director of Della Toffola Group. Since its introduction 15 years ago, thecross- flow filtration machine went through several technical developments.

“A ceramic membrane has the advantage of allowing for higher temperatures during washing cycles and lasting longer than organic membranes. This also means we can give a longer warranty on our machines,” Mr. Della Toffola adds.

Della Toffola Group was founded in 1958 by his grandfather Giacomo Della Toffola and started out producing the first vertical stainless steel presses and crushers for winemaking. Over time, however, the company’s activities have expanded into other sectors as well.

Currently, it serves clients producing all kinds of beverages, clients active in liquid food processing or production of cheese and other dairy delicacies, and clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry who use beverage filtration processes or produce phosphates.

“We have five divisions: winemaking, beverages and liquid food processing, bottling and packaging, water treatment, and dairy,” explains Mr. Della Toffola. “Our top machine is the crossflow filtration machine from our winemaking and beverages divisions, with its ceramic membrane. The packaging division is doing really well and expanding rapidly at the moment, and the water treatment division is growing as well.”

The beverages and liquid food processing division includes manufacturing presses for fruit juice, fermentation and storage tanks for cider or beer, pasteurizing units, water carbonation systems and more. Filtration machines may have a productive capacity from 1,000 l up to 70,000 l per hour!

“Our bottling and packaging division is characterized by many innovations, for example in machines for the filling stage,” Mr. Della Toffola states. “We have gravity filling systems, isobaric filling systems, hot filling systems and more: there are so many sectors, and we are active in all of them.”

The machines are used for beverages like wine, cider or beer, and for sauces and other liquid food. The water treatment division is active across an even wider range of industries, and the group invested heavily in this area of expertise.

Della Toffola Group produces complete plants, using techniques like everse osmosis or sand and carbon filters. These plants are used to prepare water for the production of food and beverages, and almost all beverage producers need a good quality of water. However, the group also produces machines and entire plants for treating waste water across industries and in the public sector.

In its dairy division, Della Toffola Group provides complete plants as well, for receiving and storing milk, for treating and bottling it, and for making dairy products like yoghurt, soft cheese, hard cheese and mozzarella. As the group has its roots in the winemaking business, this division is still very important for the company.

“We still make machines for wineries and wine cellars,” Mr. Della Toffola enthuses. “Our group can provide turnkey plants for the entire winemaking process, from the freshly harvested grape up to bottled and packaged wine.”

With its complete range of products and services, Della Toffola Group is a market leader not only in Italy, but across Europe and beyond. Some 85% of its turnover is realized outside of Italy, and the company is present all around the world. “We are strong because we are in the forefront of using new technologies,” Mr. Della Toffola says. “We collaborate closely with our clients, providing all-round service. They consider us a reliable partner.”

Besides the main manufacturing site, the group has six acquired production locations in Italy. Sirio Aliberti produces autoclaves, pressure and stock tanks. AVE Technologies in Spinea produces bottling plants, with machines that can handle 2,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour. OMB manufactures machines for auto-adhesive labelling and capping wine bottles.

Gimar produces fermentation tanks and storage systems. Priamo Food Technologies is all about machinery for dairy products and processing And Z-Italia produces a wide range of roll-fed, self-adhesive, pre-glued, cold glue, pre-cut, hot-melt labelling machines and more.

Finally, the group also has a production site in Argentina, Della Toffola Inox, that manufactures stainless steel tanks for the South American market. The group has seven branch offices abroad: Della Toffola France, Della Toffola Iberica, Della Toffola Argentina, Della Toffola Sudamerica (in Chile), Della Toffola Pacific (in Australia), Della Toffola USA in California, and Della Toffola Mexico.

The group presents itself on various trade fairs and exhibitions, recently renewed its website and is taking its first steps in using social media. Even for such a successful company, though, it is not always easy to find new employees with relevant working experience, either for the offices or for the production sites.

In total, the group has 450 employees of whom 220 are working at the headquarters and main manufacturing site in Signoressa di Trevignano near Treviso, just north of Venice.

Following his grandfather, father and uncles into the company, Mr. Della Toffola is a third generation family member. He has been active in the group for 22 years by now, mainly working abroad. “What drives me personally is looking for new sectors and new markets for our company, my personal involvement in this aspect of the business. We are already present in 90% of the market, and it will show us what new sectors or businesses the future holds,” Mr. Della Toffola observes. “We invest and believe in what we are doing, we persevere, and we see the results of those efforts.”

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