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Smarter and greener – a clever combination


“Basically, all our products are smart and green,” states Jackie Chang, president and general manager. “Our mission is to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow. The design and development of our products are based on this approach.”

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Group, Deltronics, with its headquarters for EMEA in Hoofddorp, is part of the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies. The group has sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe.

The Dutch subsidiary was established 15 years ago. “Here in Hoofddorp, we basically have everything – IT, finance and sales departments,” says Mr. Chang. “The European production is located in Slovakia. Our R&D centers are located in Germany and Switzerland, and focus on the design of new products. There are also engineering facilities in Poland, Finland and Slovakia.”

There are three business categories within Deltronics/Delta Group: power electronics, energy management and smart green life. “For example, we provide chargers for smartphones and for the automotive industry,” says Mr. Chang. “In the area of energy management you will find Delta’s products in renewable energy, industrial automation systems, electric vehicles and automotive electronics, whereas the field of smart green life is dominated by networking and display solutions, high-end projectors, LED lighting and handheld devices for health care. Most of our products are energy efficient and boast a great energy Saving design. Products with an efficiency of over 96% are quite common, and some of our solar inverters even go up to 98%.”

Other highlights of the portfolio are the smallest projector in the world, a pocket projector with LED which can be used with an attached battery, and a high-end 20,000 lumens projector, which is perfect for cinema applications. Deltronics/Delta Group supplies most globally leading electronics players and enjoys long-term relationships with them. They know they can rely on Deltronics to provide a lot more than innovative products.

“We are a reliable, honest business partner,” adds Mr. Chang. “We are well recognized for our social responsibility, and we will continue to launch energy-saving innovations for better quality of life. Currently, we are focusing more and more on solutions instead of products because this is exactly what our customers will be asking for tomorrow. For example, we not only provide display products but all the necessary devices, controllers and management software as a total solution to our customers. Delta Group wants to provide smarter and greener solutions together with its customers.”

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