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The scent of sustainability


“We are active in the fast moving consumer goods market and we have the know-how and the creativity to meet the changing market trends,” says Key Account Manager Anna Nava. Deoflor keeps creating new solutions including solid, liquid and maxi toilet cleaning products in a variety of colors and scents and home deodorant specialties for deodorizing clothes or neutralizing odors in fridges or dustbins and in small and big rooms.

“Our perfumes are not connected with the bathroom world, they are very pleasing,” says Head of Marketing and Sales Veronica Verona, who joined Deoflor this February, “Green and blue colors are most requested and Ocean or pine fragrance, nature is the trend and sustainability will be the next trend. For us, sustainability is our basic value, our mission is to innovate and simplify the industry by creating sustainability. For example, chlorine is increasingly being used for hygiene products, our formula has the highest hygienic effect with less chlorine impact.”

Deoflor develops and manufactures products for industrial brand leaders and as private label solutions for retail chains such as Carrefour, Auchan, Aldi or Lidl. Over the past ten years, Deoflor has experienced ongoing growth with an increase of 17% last year to 33 million EUR. According to Ms Nava the many certifications fuelled growth.

“We are certified to quality, environmental compatibility, health and safety of employees and we were the first Italian company to get the important IFS certification and we are certified to ISO 27001 for the security of confidential data. Confidentiality is a much-valued asset for us and for our customers.”

As a partner to its customers, Deoflor shares both its product know-how and its market know-how. “Our Virtual Shelf is service innovation based on an international shelving study which is updated every six months,” states Ms. Verona.

“We present what is on the shelves in every nation. With innovative products, simplified processes and market analyses we are well on the way to positioning ourselves as experts for products and for the industry. We have a number of vehicles to this end, an updated website with a blog answering questions, we are creating a magazine with topical news, we have videos on YouTube and we regularly present our products at PLMA in Amsterdam. For two months now, we have been sending treasure boxes with samples and gadgets.”


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