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A Life-Saving Discipline


Focusing on bloodwork is not what first comes to mind if one thinks of a small pharmaceutical company that was established in 1945. But the founder of Stago had a strong interest in clinical pathology and in haemostasis in particular. In the 1970s, Stago had found its niche for its future market orientation that today makes it a reference and leader in the field: haemostasis-related laboratory analysis.

Today, Stago develops, produces and commercializes medical products for biological tests in hospitals and clinical laboratories. Many may have heard how much thrombosis – caused by haemostasis imbalance – has been a growing concern in particular in the western industrialized countries where unhealthy diets, little physical activity or smoking are prevalent.

But of course there is more reasons behind the development of haemostasis. It may be triggered from long hospitalization or even from a small household accident – as complex as are the reasons that may trigger haemostasis, as complicated is its diagnosis.

“Our catalogue includes 400 products. It embraces automated analyzers, reagents as well as software and other tools that address this complex diagnostic field,” explains Pascal Boulanger, Director of Corporate Communications at Diagnostica Stago. “Different parts of the world also have different schools of thought when dealing with bloodwork. After all, we’re a worldwide player, and we need to take this aspect into account as well.”

Stago is not only a worldwide player, but the worldwide leader: with 20 affiliates and 100 distributors worldwide, the company is present in more than 110 countries – from Europe and the US to China and lately also Brazil and Turkey. “There is still more potential out there,” Mr. Boulanger says. “The world harbours great opportunities for us.”

How is it possible to succeed in such a niche on a worldwide scale, one may ask? “Hard, hard work,” Mr. Boulanger laughs. “We have to be ahead at all times. With innovation, with research, with expertise and dedicated teams. We have to keep in close contact with our clients.”

Needless to say that Stago has developed a customercare cycle that does not end at the distribution of the company’s products. A continuous maintenance of Stago equipment once in the hands of the laboratories is a matter of course.

But training the people working with Stago products and providing a technical helpline in each country where the company is operating is an additional benefit that underlines how much Stago wants its business relationships to be long-term commitments and partnerships.

“In an era where healthcare systems are being overhauled worldwide, it is crucial for us to be in touch with whoever works with our products. This allows us to anticipate developments,” Mr. Boulanger notes. In this respect is important to mention that Stago is an independent player in the world of healthcare equipment. This enables fast reaction to market developments.

“More than 70% of therapeutic decisions are based on biological tests. So we simply hope that there won’t be made any cuts in this area. I believe that something that accounts for the lowest costs but is so vital for helping people should not be jeopardized. Bloodwork saves lives.”

Pascal Boulanger has dedicated 15 years of his working life to Stago. “I feel that we’re doing very important work. And as well we’re instilling our team members with this thought. Human health is a field where commitment and ethics must go hand in hand with entrepreneurial undertakings and expansion. Stago has managed this balance act very well.”

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