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Just the perfect display


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“At the beginning it was just an idea. We were well aware of the impact displays have on our lives and how often they are used without a thought. Yet they have become indispensable and many modern washing machines, ovens and tumble dryers would not work properly without them,” says Managing Director Dieter Heimgartner.

Mr. Heimgartner set up DMB Technics back in 2005 together with two partners to form a triumvirate of two talented engineers and an accountant keen on numbers. The three partners were convinced that displays would have a great future and they started off by developing specific display solutions for their customers.

“It was hard at the beginning, starting from scratch, but what really got us going was the good contact with Chinese manufacturers who took over the production of customized displays in close coordination with us.”

In 2007, DMB Technics was certified according to ISO 9001, a standard that was required for the company’s designated markets. “In 2008 we already employed eight people and won the prize for best sales team for a Taiwanese manufacturer. We proved that we had really become a name to remember,” says Mr. Heimgartner.

Since then, DMB Technics has been working hard to develop a wide range of displays and display systems, including passive LCD displays as well as high-resolution industry TFTs equipped with touch panels and a multitude of additional components.

Today, the owner-run company employs a workforce of 28 people, generating a turnover of 25 million EUR. Apart from its headquarters in Switzerland, DMB Technics also operates a subsidiary in Germany. “All displays which we create are based on standard products and are then configurated to suit our customer’s specifications,” stresses Mr. Heimgartner. “He tells us which size and which design he wants and we develop the electrical circuit and the mechanical system and advise him on the optimal design. So, at very short notice, the customer receives the first visualization. He knows straight away if his idea is apt for future production.”

DMB Technics creates prototypes first before the customer makes his final decision concerning the following production process. “Our fast visualization is a key element for the customer and it forms a good basis on which he can base his decision,” points out Mr. Heimgartner. “We specialize in small to medium series, with 2,000 to 250,000 parts per year. However, we are not involved in the production of displays for the mobile or automotive industries. We rather concentrate on our main segments, comprising household appliances, measuring technology, building technology, medical technology as well as e-mobility, amongst others. At the moment, we serve about 150 active customers.”

Our Swiss precision helps to supply customised displays for various markets. Dieter HeimgartnerManaging Director
Dieter Heimgartner, Managing Director of DMB Technics AG

About 90% of the displays are sold outside Switzerland, mainly to Germany. Nevertheless, France, Italy, Austria and the Benelux countries are equally important markets. “Germany is an important partner because it has the same language and a mentality which we find easy to adapt to,” stresses Mr. Heimgartner. “For us, it is important to establish close bonds with partners and customers.”

The Swiss trademark helps to acquire new customers, as precision and accuracy are in high demand for high-tech products such as displays. “We want to appear in an authentic way and to share our values. The human aspect is vital,” says Mr. Heimgartner. “It helps a lot that at an early stage the customer knows what to expect from us. All samples and prototypes which we receive from our production partners in Asia have to go through our strict testing and analysis. The customer is only supplied with a product when we are a hundred per cent certain that it is optimal. We only sell displays which operate flawlessly.”

Digitalization has helped DMB Technics to safeguard product safety and privacy of customers and their personal data. “All projects are based on strict confidentiality and we have to take into account various safety issues. We use digitalization for an exchange with our manufacturers,” states Mr. Heimgartner. “It leads to an increase in efficiency, resulting in a growth of turnover per staff member. All design stages, data and information on customers and projects as well as order and production status can be traced in the best possible way.”

Mr. Heimgartner, who is one of the patent holders of the liquid crystal display patent from 1984, is optimistic about the future. “Currently, we see that many Chinese businesses turn to Europe for orientation. This is advantageous for us as the supply chain will become more efficient and prices will go down. We will continue to use our unique expertise in display technology to stay in the front line of this development.”

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