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Exceeding standards


Care and quality for clients, responsibility and safety for patients, ethics for society – this is exactly what Doppel Farmaceutici is synonymous with and what sets the company apart. Doppel Farmaceutici operates as a successful contract development and manufacturing organization that not only works according to strict quality regulations but often exceeds standards, benefiting patients, customers and the environment.

The company is a highly respected outsourcing partner when it comes to pharmaceutical research, development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging. “We not only produce but also develop pharmaceuticals on behalf of our clients,” stresses President Paolo Lanfranchi. “This means we take care of the whole product lifecycle. Today, there are over 300 contract development and manufacturing companies in the market; we are among the top 40 in the world. 28 employees are involved in research and development – a service that is highly valued by our customers.”

Doppel Farmaceutici was founded in 1994 as a spin-off operation of a well-known global player, based on a five-year contract. “Back then, the company had 40 employees and annual sales of three million EUR,” says Mr. Lanfranchi. “Despite facing difficult market conditions with the first generic drugs entering the market, the company has grown rapidly. Today, we have 470 employees and turnover has increased to 83 million EUR.”

Doppel Farmaceutici has sites in Cortemaggiore and Rozzano. “In 2000, we built a new production site in Cortemaggiore that covers more than 44,000 m2 and which is equipped with state-of-the art technology,” states CEO Giuseppe Cassisi. “In 2008, the site was extended and today, 220 employees are working here. The plant is specialized in semi-solid, liquid form and soft gel capsules. One bay is dedicated to the production of food supplements in effervescent granules; a satellite site manufactures high potency tablets. In 2001, we bought the Rozzano (Milano) plant which concentrates on manufacturing and packaging oral solid pharmaceutical forms. Typical products are tablets, coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, hard gelatine capsules and injection ampoules. Furthermore, we established modern research and development laboratories. Based on our two sites in Northern Italy, we are able to develop and manufacture basically everything the pharmaceutical market requires.”

Since 2015, Doppel Farmaceutici has been part of the private equity firm Trilantic. Trilantic holds 90% of the shares and opens up new business opportunities. “Thanks to Trilantic we operate on a solid financial basis,” says Mr. Lanfranchi. “Together we are going to invest more and more in high quality pharmaceutical injectables that are increasingly in demand.”

Doppel Farmaceutici has around 100 clients, among them the biggest players in the pharmaceutical industry. “We cooperate a lot with Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma and the leading generic companies,” adds Mr. Cassisi. “Today, we produce almost everything customers demand.”

Not only Doppel Farmaceutici’s comprehensive product and service portfolio stands out but also the company’s ambitious business philosophy. Transparency, working according to strict quality and safety standards, outstanding customer care and operating in harmony with the environment are important trademarks.

“We have many quality and safety certifications such as ISO 9001 and IFS; some are not even mandatory,” points out Mr. Lanfranchi. “Total quality management is something like a holistic concept for us. Quality is essential for literally every business aspect. Luckily, we have a very good company climate; everybody is keen to offer outstanding customer service. Strong customer relationships are crucial. As their supplier, we listen to our customers, we keep an eye on their individual needs and we organize meetings on a regular basis. We are always open to new ideas and well-positioned to realize them.”

Thanks to this approach, Doppel Farmaceutici is recognized for exceptional quality, reliability and responsiveness. Now the company is ready to step up further. “We are keen to keep on growing – organically and through acquisitions,” states Mr. Cassisi. “Our goal is to increase sales. A turnover of 90 million EUR for 2016 is within the realms of possibility.”

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