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A passion for nature


It is truly a deep a passion for natural and pure plant substances that drives Gregor Loges, Managing Director of Dr. Loges, and his team of 150 staff who develop and manufacture homeopathic remedies and distribute them via pharmacies to the consumer.

“We are a team of curious explorers fascinated by the power of nature and its ability to support people’s health and well-being,” says Mr. Loges. “This commitment for plant-based natural substances has been instilled in me by my father who laid the foundations of what Dr. Loges is today.”

Werner Loges was a young pharmacy student when he made a trip to the Himalayas in the 1950s where he wanted to find a rare medical plant, Rauwolfia serpentina, or Indian snakeroot. The plant contains reserpine which helps control high-blood pressure and mental disorders, amongst others.

“My father had made the plant the subject of his doctoral thesis, before in 1958 he introduced his first pharmaceutical product which contained extracts from this plant,” points out Mr. Loges. In the years to follow, Dr. Werner Loges established more than 40 products on the market.

Since his death earlier in 2017, the company has been managed by his son Gregor Loges, biologist Dr. Andreas Biller and pharmacist Carsten Timmering. Next year, the company celebrates its 60th anniversary and looks back at major milestones.

During the early years Dr. Loges professionalised its production and soon moved to larger premises. When from 2004 on many products were no longer reimbursed by health insurers, Dr. Loges grasped the chance to develop further and map out the scientific benefits of its products.

“We have gathered a portfolio of unique products that are either exclusively made or which are patented by us. This gives us a high rate of credibility, and we pride ourselves to be a highly innovative company, boasting a strong scientific approach,” says Mr. Loges.

Today, Mr. Loges employs a workforce of 150 people, which is a strong increase in comparison to the 80 staff members that were working for Dr. Loges six years ago. “We generate a turnover of 32 million EUR, and we have been growing by 15 to 20% annually,” stresses Mr. Loges. “This is mainly the result of the trust consumers have in our products. We have always focused on products that actually support people’s health.”

Among the company’s many bestsellers are products like femiLoges based on rhapontic rhubarb that can be used to batter menopausal symptoms or rhodiolan which helps against stress. Vitamin DLoges guarantees the comfortable supply with vitamin D in a weekly intake, while immunLoges, based on a spirulina extract, protects the immune system comprehensively.

On a regular basis, Dr. Loges introduces new products. 2016 and 2017 both saw the launch of two remedies. Among the latest novelties is libiLoges, based on the Damiana plant and developed to support the libido. It has been on the market since 1 December.

neuroLoges is a unique therapy for nerve pain, while lipLoges controls the lipid balance in the blood. “With myphyto.de, we have established a new means to discover phytotherapy. Together with pharmacists, doctors can individually mix plant extracts, depending on the patient’s requirements. This is a new approach which will gain momentum within the coming years,” points out Mr. Loges. “With all our products, the patient can be assured that he only gets the best of the best.”

The modern patient is favouring natural ingredients in remedies and rather uses a natural substance than an antibiotic, and against this backdrop Dr. Loges aims to provide solutions on a natural basis for health problems, addressing all age groups from the small baby to the older generation.

Today, Germany is still the company’s key market, but its products are also well-established in Austria where Dr. Loges is operating a subsidiary. Scandinavia is another interesting market with a huge potential.

“Even the German market provides a lot of opportunities. We are looking rather optimistic into the future,” says Mr. Loges. “The current demographic development is playing straight in our hands. People are living longer and benefit longer from herbal medication.”

Dr. Loges will continue to go great lengths to find new plants and explore nature’s potential with the same passion that drove Dr. Werner Loges when he first started his enterprise almost 60 years ago.

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